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Newsish ala La Grande, Eastern Oregon and the universe. Looking for a fun, convenient way to keep up with what’s going on locally? The Newsish Roundup lets you keep up with some local happenings and be entertained in the process.


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Here at, we don’t use inverse triangle news formats or standardized news format style-guides. Instead, we bring you casual updates on community news stories told in light-hearted, fun, and personal ways. If you’re looking for hard, gritty news straight from the pavement to the ink, you won’t find that here. But you will find a modern, fun, and quirky way to keep up with what’s happening in the Grande Ronde, whether you live here currently or not.

Our Newsish Roundup brings you multiple news stories from around Union County to you in a fun and slightly humorous delivery. It’s not hard news–if you’re looking for that, pick up the paper. But it’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the valley every week, what events happened or are happening soon, local sport highlights in an interesting way you can watch or listen to right on your smartphone.

A weekly news roundup featuring La Grand Alive TV’s Senior Editor, Will Bowman.

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