Travel Tramps

Like to Travel? So does Samantha LeBold from Alegre Travel. In Travel Tramps, Sam sits down and talks about her recent trips with fellow globetrotters so you too can enjoy the world albeit vicariously.

Travel Tramps With Alegre Travel 

LGA TV - Coffee with Will - Sam Lebold coffeewillsamlebold2The ladies at Alegre Travel really love to travel! So far, they’ve gone to Vietnam, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, Peru and more. And they like to take other people with them.

In Travel Tramps, Samantha LeBold casually chats with Will and her fellow “tramps” about their tramping across the world:

  • Trips they’ve taken,
  • Trips they’re going to take…

….and everything else you’d like to know about their escapades across the world through her local travel agency Alegre Travel.

In this show, you’ll hear about experiences in foreign countries, see pictures taken by travelers and Samantha herself, and hear about upcoming trips through Alegre Travel they’re planning to take. So if you like traveling or just hearing about foreign and exotic lands, check out Travel Tramps only on


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