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The Piano Gallery Plus
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
Can you play the piano? I can’t, that’s apparent by the intro. But Joyce Hoke can! Very well, actually. And now her and her husband are opening up shop for their piano teaching, tuning, sales and more right down off the main Island City strip and you should check it out!

A big part of the Hoke’s lives is pianos: Joyce is the piano teacher. For years now she’s been teaching kids and adults alike the wonder of playing!

You can definitely tell through her interview that she gets a lot of creative satisfaction through playing the piano.

Lloyd, her husband, doesn’t play. Instead, he tunes. But after many years of driving all over Eastern Oregon to tune pianos, he’s ready to settle down in La Grande and make a business with a hard brick-and-mortar store! But he wants it to be more than just pianos, he said.

Lloyd’s vision for the store is to be a comfortable place where you can buy everything to make your home tasteful and comfortable as an old-time a piano parlor. Lloyd is actually a pretty-handy furniture repurpose guy. When I stepped into the Joyful Sounds store off Island Avenue, I was blown away by the creativity and vision behind some of his repurposing ventures! Old pianos, old desks and tables, old lamps, pretty much anything old he can get his hands on he takes from old and makes to new. Sometimes he takes apart a piano and makes it into a bunch of things! Piano lamps, piano desks, piano bookshelves. It’s pretty cool.

Now, the deeper aspect of these two’s business is that they both see God is what they’re doing. Joyce feels that music is a God-given gift she has, and that it’s her calling to teach others the wonder of what playing the piano can be! Lloyd is a carpenter like Jesus was. And he actually sees the process of repurposing and refurbishing to be a parallel to the Gospel he believes in.

The Joyful Sounds Store and Gallery is grand opening is this weekend, Friday and Saturday, and there’s going to be fun, merriments, and special deals for people who attend. Also, if you’re interested in hosting your art in their store, contact Lloyd or Joyce at this number. And be sure to stay tuned to La Grande Alive! We’re going to do a little bit more about Joyful Sounds in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

Behind the Streams
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
Do you have old VHS tapes you need converted? Well, if you do, our employee Jonathan Marvel has got you covered!

Jonathan Marvel has been working at Anything2Digital for about two years now. He’s a young man who has grown up in La Grande and several years ago he began his internship-turned-job here at Brent Clapp Media Services. He’s the guy who transfers all your old media to DVDs!

LGA TV - Weekly Newsish RoundupAnd last week he and Brent, the boss around here, hopped in a car and drove all the way to Hood River for the “Working in the Gorge event, an employment recognition event to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Over a hundred people attended this event at which Brent and John got to present about John’s experience working for Brent Clapp Media Services.

Jonathan is a wonderful young man and, though sometimes his disability causes him to struggle, he shows up every day with a smile ready to do his job. He loves Marvel movies and he always tells me, the vegetarian, when he’s eaten his vegetables for the weekend. Jonathan is proof that, though disabilities may hinder people from achieving the same efficiency as the non-disabled, they’re not insurmountable. Jonathan never complains and always does his work. The biggest tragedy of his employment is that we don’t have more work for him.

Big shout out to you John!

Brought To You By
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Get Out and Go!
And here’s your upcoming events in Get Out and Go with Emily Adair!

And one other quick event-related notice! Rehearsals are starting for this year’s Handel’s Messiah! The first rehearsal will be October 15th, 2017 and will bbe 6pm every Sunday after that. LGA will have more on this special annual event as the performance gets closer.

Sports Spotlight
And here’s your weekly sports spotlight with Ronald Bond!

Around the Mountain
And here’s your around The Mountain in 90 seconds, your EOU sports with Iain and Chris!