Weekly Newsish Roundup, October 26, 2016 – 5 News Stories in 10 Minutes and 48 Seconds!

Check out this the weekly Newsish Roundup for October 20 to November 3, 2016! In the news this week,

  • EOU In The Black
  • Local Politics
  • Local Sports
  • Around the Mountain EOU Sports

Hey La Grande Alive. This is your weekly Newsish Roundup brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Marketplace Family Foods, and Direct Music Source.

EOU In The Black

LGA TV Newish Roundup EOU Here’s a little look into the behind the scenes of the writing process. Writers ever feel like writing when they sit down. When I started writing this week’s script, I wasn’t really in the mood to write. But I still did, and still out came this script. One of the tricks to getting into the mood to write is to just, well, write down how much you don’t want to write, like I did here. We’re tricky little creatures, us writers. And you want to know where I learned that trick? As an English Major at Eastern Oregon University. And speaking of EOU…

Well, I think everyone’s stinken glad to hear that. Because if EOU wasn’t around, where would I have gotten these fabulous writing and movie making skills? Who would have taught me how to write even when I’m not in the mood? Who would have systematically deconstructed my per-undergraduate belief system leaving me dazed and confused in the wake of postmodern nihilism? I should probably stop reading so many books.

Local Politics

Anyways, you want to know where you won’t find postmodern nihilism? Local politics. And over the last couple weeks, we’ve gotten interviews with both candidates for La Grande Mayor and Union County Commissioners including Mark Davidson, Donna Beverage, Steve Clemens, and John Bozarth. Now, I’ve urged this before: go watch them. Having an informed vote is very important, and you can begin to get informed about local politics and the personalities of the people behind their politics by watching some of these interviews on LaGrandeAlive.tv. We also have several live debates we streamed that featured not only the La Grande mayoral and County Commissioner Candidates, but also policies for Elgin, Union, and North Powder Races. Those and more can all be found on LaGrandeAlive.tv’s website.

Dracula In La Grande!

So, what’s going on in the valley this week? Well, this week we’re just going to talk about one event because I’m really stinking excited about it. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is coming to La Grande! Now if you haven’t ever read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this isn’t your pasty-white-sparkle-queen creature-meets-bad-actress and falls in love vampire story. It’s not your horribly overdone gore fest with sharp pointy teeth ripping people to shreds. It’s a deeply intellectual mind-bender and psychological thriller. This Dracula won’t kill you with lots of CG and effects–no, instead, he’ll slowly drain your lifeforce over the course of years, absorbing your vitality to regain his youth, as he’s done countless times over the ages, no traces left behind except the two tiny red spots on your neck, spots the doctor will look at and dismiss as bug bites or pimples or some other unimportant detail in regards to your lethargic ennui. And then he won’t just do it to you, he’ll do it to all of your family’s female members, until you’re driven insane by the tension and everyone in the village thinks you’re a bunch of crazy sangurophoriphobes that have gone off the deep end of the proverbial blood pool. Anyways, it’s really good. You should go see it. It’s at the Liberty Theater October 28, 29, 31, and November 4th and 5th. 7:00 and 10:30 pm. Come and get a scare.

Local Sports

In sports, the LHS tigers lost to Ontario last week 26-42. And as such, they’re heading to Molalla this Friday for their first post-season game of 2016. Steve Hendrix got the opportunity to chat with the coach of the LHS tigers this week about this could-be last game of the season.

Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds

And now, EOU athletics. I’m going to shut up and let the real experts talk: here’s your weekly EOU athletics in Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds.

I’m Evan House, and I’m Chris Duarte of EOU Athletics

This is Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds!

The EOU football team collected another top-25 victory on Homecoming Weekend, taking down No. 21 Montana Western, 21-13. Alfred Gross rushed for 141 yards on 15 carries, while EOU’s defense held the Bulldogs to only 37 rushing yards.

The Mountaineer volleyball team collected victories over Warner Pacific and Multnomah in Portland last week to improve to 23-2 overall and 16-1 in CCC play. EOU returns to Quinn Coliseum this weekend for games against Southern Oregon and Oregon Tech.

The EOU men’s soccer team picked up a critical 1-0 victory over Northwest Christian on Saturday, while the women suffered a double-overtime heartbreaker to the Beacons in Springfield.

The EOU men’s basketball team’s annual Quinn Classic is scheduled for Oct. 28-29 here in La Grande. The Mountaineers kickoff the 2016-17 campaign on Friday at 3:30 p.m. against Bethesda.

That’s the latest news in EOU athletics, stay tuned next week, as we take you Around the Mountain in 90 seconds.

For more information, visit  EOUsports.com