Weekly Newsish Roundup, January 19, 2017 – 6 News Stories in 11 minutes 56 seconds!

Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for January 19-25. In the news today,

  • Know Your Snow
  • Adopt A Hydrant
  • Upcoming Events
  • Grande Film Reviews – Fences
  • Local Sports
  • Around the Mountain

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Know Your Snow
LGA TV - Newishish Weekly Roundup
And here we are, just thinking the worst of it was over when, bam!, the worst storm since the movie Twister! The worst storm since the storm troopers in Star Wars! The worst storm since Halle Berry in Xmen, and that was bad! And while we’re talking about cold things not conducive to your health or comfort… Avalanches! Let’s talk about those! Last year 6 people died in avalanche-related accidents, according to the American Avalanche Association. It’s very easy to get caught in one, especially if you don’t know what signs to look for. But if you’re one of those avalanche-ignorant ice lovers that subsist off of powder days and downhill thrills, this weekend, at the annual Back Country Festival, like us, you’ll get the opportunity to learn why, exactly, being in the snow about avalanche and winter safety is so important plus some helpful tips about how to stay safe while out in the snow.

The back country festival is this Thursday through Sunday. There’s gonna’ be Ski-films, Avalanche safety Clinics, a Back Country Tour day, drinks, raffles, and an up-down hill ski race at Anthony Lakes in remembrance of Kip, the ex-director of the Wallowa Avalanche center, who recently died in a mountaineering accident. The winners get two full-season passes to duh-duh-duh-dah-dah! Anthony Lakes! At which, if they so choose, they can utilize their newly acquired avalanche safety knowledge to, you know, not die from a snow accident. Passes are five bucks a pop and the festival kicks off at 7pm Friday night. So strap on your skis and pull out your pocketbooks, please, and head over to the Back Country Festival in La Grande only this weekend. The rest of the times and more information can be found on their website located in the description of this video.

This title story was brought to you by Northwest Furniture and Mattress. Want a couch? How about a chair or a mattress? At Northwest Furniture and Mattress in La Grande, they have them. Just don’t die trying to carry it to your car on the ice. On second thought, maybe buying a couch right now isn’t the best idea. This just in: Northwest Furniture and Mattress is now open on non-stormy days in La Grande, if we ever get another one of those again…

LGA TV - Newishish Weekly RoundupAdopt-A-Hydrant 
So you know those things you pass by and never see these days because, well, because they’re covered with snow? Fire-hydrants. And here’s some insider knowledge about those hydrants: they’re useless when they covered in snow. And even if they’re partially exposed, according to the Observer newspaper, when a firefighter attaches a hose to it, if the hose has any sort of bump or incline because of the snow, the water pressure is severely reduced and the ability of the fire-fighter to fight is inhibited. But you, you La Grande Alive, can do something about this! Strap on your parkas and tie your comforter around your neck like a cape, La Grande Alive, you can be a bon-e-fied local winter superhero if you choose to adopt one of these poor little buggers and rescue them from the clutches of the evil winter! Here’s what you do. Just grab a shovel, tromp out to the location under the snow where you know a hydrant exists, and dig it out. It’s a great service to do for our local firefighters and ultimately, in a game such as fire-fighting where seconds matter when they’re trying to put a fire out, you may end up saving your own life or livelihood or that of someone else. That being said, after you’re done with fire hydrants, stop there. Don’t go around and start trying to dig-out anything else. Vigilantism only goes so far. Nobody wants to find you buried beneath, say, a windmill or something, dead with a broken shovel in your hand.

Upcoming Events
So what else is going on this weekend? Well, the Eagle Cap Extreme dog-sled race is going on just outside of Joseph in Wallowa County. Now, the start of the race is done. You missed it. It was Thursday at 1pm. But, if you’re interested in seeing some tired, hungry doggies and their icicle-bearded mushers cross the finish line, some, head up to Fergie Ski Area just south of Joseph for the crossing the finish line this Friday and the banquet at the Joseph Community Center on Saturday night at 5:30 pm.

Grande Film Reviews – Fences
And back after almost a month of winter weather automobile catastrophies (and a few films thrown in here and there), here’s this week’s Grande Film Reviews with Jeanie, Josh, and Bridger.

Local Sports 
LGA TV - Newishish Weekly Roundup
In sports, the high-school basketball teams snuck in between storms this weekend to actually play some basketball! The result was only meh, however, the La Grande boy tigers losing their first game against Hermiston last Saturday to Hermiston 54-62. It was a close game all the way up to the final half-court shot, the score going back and forth until the final minutes in which the Hermiston bulldogs pulled ahead and finished strong at home, giving the tigers their first taste of long, quiet bus-rides home of the season. The tigers are still 2-0 league games, however, as their game against Hermiston was non-league. The tigers rallied themselves several days later, though, beating Nyssa 44-32. Their next game is this weekend against the Dalles. If the weather lets us through the pass, that is. Elgin boys didn’t have such a great weekend, taking two to the teeth against, first, Grant Union 32-49 and then, second, Enterprise 42-54 the next day. Union did a little better, winning one out of two, their loss against Imbler 24-50 followed by a rebound win against Grant Union 40-29 the next day. Imbler only had their one losing game against Union and so came out of the weekend a big-fat one and zero.

The ladies tigers had only one game this weekend, the other one—eeh!—cancelled because of the weather. They beat Ontario at home 52-32. The Elgin ladies dropped two against Grant Union 18-51 and Enterprise 21-50. Ouch. Union girls also sunk it, and not as in a lot of points, losing first to Imbler 27-49 and then Grant Union the next day 18-47. Double ouch. And as with the boys, Imbler had only one game against Union though, for the girls, it was a winning game. Overall the girls are, as of this weekend, still cold and hungry for wins, waiting in their hometowns for the cold spell to pass.

Around the Mountain 
And, yes, you know what time it is, time for the big ATM, around the Mountain with Evan and Chris, EOU Sports in 90 seconds, more or less!

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