Weekly Newsish Roundup, January 11, 2017 – 6 News Stories in 11 minutes!

Check out this the weekly Newsish Roundup for January 11 – 18!

  • Snow Says No! To the Valley
  • Coffee with Will and Olivia Westenskow
  • Eagle Cap Extreme
  • Upcoming Events
  • Local Sports
  • Around the Mount in 90 Seconds

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Pull up your covers and break out your space heaters, La Grande Alive, it’s your weekly Newsish Roundup brought to you by Northwest Furniture, Grande Ronde Hospital, Anything to Digital and Direct Music Source.

Snow Says No! To The Valley

LGA TV - Newishish Weekly Roundup 1Monday this week I was running down Cove Avenue–yes, people training for marathons still have to run in this weather–and the berms were so bad they had closed the road down. Some poor DOT SOB had a big-old industrial sized snow blower and was clearing off the road. Poor guy looked like he had snow in every single crevasse of his body, and I mean every one. And then today I saw a man in overalls spreading gravel on a sidewalk. This weekend, a pipe burst in the Underground Marketplace and spread two inches of water throughout the entire place, ruining many of the hand-painted floors. Monday, with the post-weekend thaw, I opened up the doors of Brent Clapp Media Services to find, what’s this?, half the office sopping wet from a drain leak on the outside of the building. And these are just a few of the cold-weather-caused catastrophes that have been plaguing the valley these last weeks. According to the Observer, dozens of people were stuck in Imbler, Cove, and elsewhere when the roads closed this weekend. One man had his barn collapse. One five-decade resident of La Grande said this is the worst he’s ever seen it in the valley. Last Thursday La Grande had a record -9 degrees for January 5th, only 16 degrees colder than the all-time low at -25 in 1990. And in all of this, County Commissioner Jack Howard to the position of impromptu weather reporter and fed us some videos of the weather off the street.

Now, according to the National Weather Service, the ice-age is gonna last all week. Temperatures are supposed to remain below freezing until Sunday at least, coupled with some spickle-spackling of snow over the course of the week. So pull on your snow boots and pull out your wallets for the hefty heating bill, La Grande Alive, it’s gonna be a cold one for at least a week.

Go Live For Alive

And by the way, have you heard of Go Live For Alive? Go Live For Alive allows you to be a live reporter for LaGrandeAlive, like Jack Howard was in that last story, anywhere in the Grande Ronde Valley. Just pull out your phone, click off a quick video or photo and send it with some text to LaGrandeAlive via Facebook Messenger. Or you can just send us a news update through the same medium.

This title story was brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital. Grande Ronde hospital is a small-town hospital that, actually, has surprisingly short emergency room waiting times. I would know. I’ve been there several times since I moved here when I did silly, silly things. Grande Ronde Hospital. Big city medicine. Hometown care.

Coffee With Will and Olivia Westenskow

Okay. Full disclosure time here. Brutal honesty. Total vulnerability time. I’m going to trust you, La Grande Alive, that you’re open-minded enough not to send me cruel emails and make mean memes ridiculing me for my effeminate silliness based on the fact I’m going to reveal here. I do Zumba. Yes, I do. Big-bearded Will, Will-the-Alaskan-Bear-Man Will, Will that gets up every morning and goes and reads philosophy in the second-floor of the new Marketplace, this Will, shakes his butt to bad pop music in Zumba Class every week. And I love it. It’s a fantastic way to just let go and goof off and burn some extra calories in the process. Yes, the music is terrible and I look like a robot with body hair doing it, but I love it. And this week my long-time Zumba instructor Olivia Westenskow came in for a chat on Coffee With Will. Now Olivia is an exercise enthusiast of the highest caliber. And she has a very interesting story of how, exactly, she came to like exercise so much.

Now, it’s 2017. And I know many of you New-Year’s-Resolvers have nice idealistic exercise routines you’re just getting into. And probably starting to doubt. But have hope! Liv has a tip for you so that you can successfully get into long-term exercise instead of just puttering out after six visits to the gym.

Overall the conversation was a fun-filled back-and-forth for all people interested in fitness and exercise. If you’re interested, Olivia teaches many more classes than Zumba and all her class information can be found on her website. The rest of this interview is available on our Facebook page and on our website at LaGrandeAlive.tv.

Eagle Cap Extreme

LGA TV - Newishish Weekly RoundupHave any of you ever been to a sled dog race? It’s an extremely visceral experience. Announcements blaring over the speakerphone, the smell of hay and fur, the cacophony of dogs. Being from Alaska I used to go and watch these events. And next weekend, the Eagle Cap Extreme sled dog race is bringing the dogs to Eastern Oregon.

The Eagle Cap Extreme is the west coast’s only Iditarod qualifying dog race. It’s a big deal. It’s held every year just outside of Joseph, Oregon. It has races of 200 miles, 100 miles, 31 miles, and a 20 mile sprint. The race starts next Thursday at 9 am at the Fergi Ski Area 9 miles south of Joseph.

LGA TV - Newishish Weekly Roundup 4So if you love the poochies and don’t mind a little drive in the snow, seriously, sled on over to Wallowa county next Thursday to Saturday to experience the Eagle Cap Extreme. It’s an experience like none you’ve ever had. Watch your feet, though. Those doggies have to eat quite a bit to keep up the calories to race 200 miles.


Upcoming Events

So, what else is going on this upcoming weekend? Well, just one thing new. Starting next Wednesday if you feel like getting a little English (who doesn’t?), according to Go! Magazine, there will be eight sessions of English Country Dance to teach you how to hold your tea and dance with the highest British regality. There’s going to be professional dancers and professional musicians to play music to accompany the dance. Contact the Art Center East for more information.

Local Sports

In sports, cancelled, cancelled, cancelled! That’s what the diagnosis has been for many of the valley’s basketball teams this week. The La Grande Tigers boys beat the Baker Bulldogs last week 51-36. But that was their only game this weekend, their other TWO the first v.s. Pendleton and the second v.s. Hermiston both were swallowed up by the snow. The other teams in the valley were little different: Imbler boys beat Pilot Rock 51-37 last Friday but then lost their game v.s. Stanfield to the snow. Union lost to Heppner 34-58 and then didn’t have any other games this weekend.

In girls basketball, La Grande also had three games but won only one. While the boys were winning, the girls were losing to Baker by a slim margin 36-51 last Friday. They beat Nyssa the next day 59-54. Then the weather had their way with their game against Pendleton and it was Ehhh! cancelled. Imbler gals beat Pilot Rock 45-39 then lost v.s. mother nature in their game against Stanfield. Ehhhh! Canceled. And lastly, Union gals lost their game against Heppner 31-45.

Around the Mountain

And now, after a several-week holiday hiatus, here to warm your hearts and toast your sportsy sense is Evan and Chris with EOU sports in Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds.

And that’s your weekly Newsish Roundup. This roundup was brought to you by Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, Anything to Digital, and Direct Music Source. Please like and share this video and tune in for more local content. I’m Will Bowman.

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