Weekly Newsish Roundup February 16, 2017

The Opera House Shows its True Colors, Austin Saunders Stops by the Studio

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In the news today:

  • Elgin Opera House Shows its True Colors
  • Coffee with Will and Austin Saunders
  • Get out and Go!
  • Grande Film Reviews – Moonlight
  • Local Sports
  • Around the Mountain

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Hey La Grande Alive! It’s b-e-a-utifully warm outside, and this is your weekly Newsish Roundup brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Anything2Digital.com, and Direct Music Source.

Elgin Opera House Shows its True Colors
LGA TV - 021617 Newsish Roundup
So, many of you know the story of Joseph. Joseph is one of twelve brothers who is, let’s be real, a little bit of a spoiled brat. He’s daddy’s favorite son who gets a fancy coat and, not only that, gets dreams of ruling over his brothers directly from God and, what does he do, well he tells them about it. He tells his brothers and, if Dreamworks movies have any historical credibility to them, goes on a musical tirade about how great he and his awesome new coat are.

Seriously, Joseph, are you asking to get sold into slavery, because, well, that’s exactly what happens in the story. Now, it’s a good thing that God’s favor for this little brat isn’t contingent on him not being a little brat because everything turns out alright. He ultimately becomes second most powerful man in Egypt and is reunited and restored with his family who are then, couple hundred years later, enslaved themselves. Guess what goes around comes around, guys. Anyways, all this to say that Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat is coming to the Elgin Opera House and for this show they’re hosting a guest director.

The shows start this Friday, February 17, and run every weekend through March 4th. Showtimes are Fridays at 7:30 pm and Saturdays 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm every weekend. So if you like old Bible stories with a fun new musical twist, head out to Elgin Opera House next couple weekends. Visit their website at elginoperahouse.com for more information and to buy tickets. And remember, younger siblings, if you get a fancy new coat from Daddy and God promises you power over your brothers and sisters, don’t brag about it. You may just find yourself on a one-way train to Burma to become a piss-pot slave to some southeast Asian monarch. Not that I tried doing that to my sibling or anything.

Brought To You By
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Coffee With Will and Austin Saunders

LGA TV - 021617 Newsish RoundupThis week in Coffee With Will, I sat down with Austin Saunders, the local representative for Oregon Rural Action. Austin is a EOU graduate. He graduated with a history degree and got a job right here in La Grande at the local social and environmental justice agency that is ORA.

Now, I asked Austin how people can help with social justice, and he said the best way that people can is by getting involved with ORA.

Overall the conversation was a serious chat about Austin and the Oregon Rural Action and it’s mission and purpose here in the Grande Ronde Valley. The rest of this video is available on LaGrandeAlive.tv.

Get Out and Go!
LGA TV - 021617 Newsish Roundup
And here’s all your upcoming events in this week’s Get Out And Go!

Grande Film Reviews
And here’s Josh, Jeanie, and Bridger here to bring you this week’s Grande Film Reviews. This week they review Moonlight which could be, in their opinion, the one to win this year’s best picture at the Oscars.

Local Sports
In sports, the LHS Tigers girls basketball team trashed the Ontario Tigers 62-33. Elgin girls, on the other hand, while the La Grande gals were trashing, were being trashed. Two games, two losses, both against valley teams Union and Imbler. 27-51 was the score v.s. Union, and Imbler handed them their tails 31-57. Union had their win against Elgin, but that was their only win of the weekend because, well, that was their only game! Imbler had only had one game, but that was a win 62-33 against Ontario.

Boys Tigers also had a weekend of wins, beating first McLoughlin again 49-31. And as if that wasn’t enough, the next day they smacked down Ontario 71-48 in one of their highest-scoring games of the season. Elgin boys, like their girl counterparts, also lost two versus their valley fellows, first v.s. Union 51-68 and second v.s. Imbler 25-54. Union, as I said, won their only game v.s. Elgin and Imbler had an additional game v.s. Enterprise which they also won with a close game, 55-43.

Around The Mount
And last but not least, here’s your EOU sports with Evan and Christ in Around the Mount in 90 Seconds.

Behind the Streams 
LGA TV - 021617 Newsish Roundup
And last, but certainly not least, the next iteration of our behind the streams look at La Grande Alive’s inner workings, this week we feature Jonathan Marvel, our Anything2Digital worker who has a unique experience starting at Brent Clapp Media Services.

And that’s your weekly Newsish Roundup. This roundup was brought to you by Grande Ronde Hosptial, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Anything2Digital.com and Direct Music Source. Please like and share this video and tune in for more local content. I’m Will Bowman.

This video was brought to you by Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, Anything2Digital.com, and Direct Music Source.

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