Weekly Newsish Roundup, December 12, 2016 – 5 News Stories in 12 Minutes and 12 Seconds!

Check out this the Weekly Newsish Roundup for December 12 to 16, 2016!

In the news this week:

  • Musical Messiah: Handel’s Messiah Comes to La Grande!
  • Fashion in La Grande: Underground Marketplace Hosts a Fashion Show
  • Coffee With Will and Jason Link
  • Brent Chats with Clay Winton
  • Upcoming Events
  • Local Sports
  • Around the Mountain (EOU Sports)

Hey La Grande Alive This is your Weekly Newsish Roundup, brought to you by Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde hospital, and Direct Music Source.

Musical Messiah: Handel’s Messiah Comes to La Grande

LGA YV - 121516 Newsish Roundup Handel’s Messiah is coming to La Grande. Handel’s Messiah is a piece of Baroque music that was written around 1750 by George Frederick Handel. And when you mix one choir, one grand Rond Orchestra, a bunch of soloists plus a 250 year old oratorio, you get a 30 years of Christmas classical coming back to La Grande for yet another year. Now, Messiah is a religious work of art, all of the text is taken directly from the King James Bible. So for those of you who melt At The Mention Of Jesus or God or any other religious subjects, you should probably stay home. But for everyone else, religious or not, anyone with a heart open to experiencing the beauty of music, the organizers of the event said you can appreciate and take part in this beautiful piece.

As I said, 7 p.m., this Sunday, December 18th, at the La Grande High School auditorium, which is Beautiful, by the way. La Grande Alive will be streaming the performance live on our Facebook and on our web page at LaGrandealive.TV.

Fashion in La Grande

LGA TV - 121516 Newsish RoundupAnd speaking of classy stuff in La Grande, fashionable isn’t exactly a word you would use very often to describe our little town. But leave it to the New Town Square to, once again, class up our streets with their first-ever fashion show in the Underground Market Place last week at which La Grande Alive grabbed the highlights.

Now, the Fashion Show is part of the greater mission of the New Town Square to give artists and Artisans a place to make money with their craft. They have studio space for rent at really cheap prices, and the entirety of the market is an architectural testament to the quality of local artists and tradesmen. If you’re interested in the marketplace, just walked downstairs and see it. It will blow you away in the best possible way, unlike the frigid winds we’re getting here in the Valley these days.

Coffee With Will and Jason Link

121216 Coffee With WIll and Jason LInkNow, religion and art or two of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. And this week I got to talk to someone who shares my obsessions, local writer and youth pastor, Jason Link. And boy, was the conversation good! Rather than, like many other religious writers, putting his faith overtly in his works of art, Jason prefers not to purposefully evangelize and his work. Instead, he’d rather write stories with no explicit religious agenda and simply let the story speak for itself.

Jason thinks that, instead of having any sort of agenda, good art makes you feel things and stimulates discussion.

Overall, the conversation was a quirky, quick, goofy and occasionally profound back and forth on the nature of Art and how religion fits in. For the entirety of this discussion, visit our Facebook page or LaGrandealive.TV.

Brent Chats with Clay Winton

LGA TV - 121516 Newsish RoundupBut I wasn’t the only person chatting it up this week in the studio. Brent also got into the chat act with Clay Winton, owner of Crosshair Customs in Baker City, Oregon, a local gun manufacturing company up and coming in our little valley. Now, Clay is into AR15s which I personally know nothing about. But he certainly does.

The conversation was a shop-talk-turgid back and forth about guns, the gun manufacturing business, and other gun topics which are sure to be interesting to firearm nuts far and wide. The rest of this discussion can be found on our Facebook or on our website at lagrandealive.tv.

Upcoming Events

Alright, what else is happening in the valley? The next two weekends are the last for the acclaimed Elgin Opera House show, a Christmas Story. Currently shows are sold out, according to Steve Hendrix, one of the lead characters in the play, but the Elgin Opera House has added another show next Thursday December 22nd at 7:30 pm. On Saturday, there’s what’s called a “Country Christmas Celebration” at the Art Center at the Old Library in La Grande. Not sure what a “Country” Christmas celebration is, other than a bunch of hillbillies with big hats to catch the snow square dancing to all your favorite Christmas songs, but I guess you’ll have to go to find out. And in other odd musical gathering news, there’s a Coalition of Union County Ukuleles Strum Circle, 7pm at 1802 Adams Avenue. In related news, the strum circle has now officially tied last week’s pipers circle for weirdest musical gathering award of the year.

Local Sports

LGA TV - La Grande Alive LiveIn sports, high school basketball has continued into non-league play before the holidays, or tried to at least. For the boys, two games were cancelled because of the weather. Too darn cold, the coaches said in much more sportsy ways. Elgin, on the other hand, and a game closer to home that wasn’t blocked by snow and  won 43 to 60 last Friday against La Grande’s junior varsity team at the Enterprise Winter Classic Tournament. The next day, Elgin, down but not out, went on to beat Pine Eagle 55 – 33. The Union boys went 1-2 last weekend, first winning against Echo, 59  to 33 then losing against Umatilla, 45 to 57, and Pilot Rock, 36 – 51. Imbler got one and one, losing vs Baker 52 to 55 but winning against Powder Valley 49 to 39.

For the girls, Elgin lost Enterprise Saturday 29 – 62 and then lost against the La Grande JV 48 to 39. The Union girls, on the other hand, doubled up on the wings, beating McLoughlin 49 to 27 and Arlington 42 to 29. And lastly, Imbler lost two, the first versus Baker 41 – 51 and the second against Powder Valley 56 to 60.

Around The Mount (EOU Sports)

And now for your eou sports with our favorite sports guys, Evan and Chris, who, this week, have been downright taken by the festive spirit of the holidays.

I’m Evan House, and I’m Chris Duarte of EOU Athletics

This is a special, holiday version of Around the Mountain in about 90 Seconds!

LGA TV Newish RoundupComing off an upset win over No. 8 College of Idaho last week, the EOU Men’s basketball team took to Walla Walla to take on the Wolves. The Blue and Gold started off slow, shooting only 34 percent from field goal range in the first half. However, the Mountaineers got things going in the second half, scoring 61 points in the last 20 minutes while shooting 66 percent. The win not only is the fourth in a row for EOU, it also cards Bryan McGriff his fourth double-double of the season as the senior scored 23 points. The Mounties host CCC-foes Corban this Friday evening at 7:30 and Northwest Christian on Saturday at 7:30.

The EOU WBB defeated WALLA WALLA Saturday 109-45! Junior guard Payton Parris scored a season-high 25 pts while freshman Kate Hogan tallied a career-best 24 pts making 11 of her 13 shots. The Mountaineers improved to 8-2 on the season and 2-0 in CCC play. They Blue and Gold will face Corban this Friday and NCU Sat. Both games are scheduled for 5:30 pm

The EOU men’s wrestling team took on historic powerhouse North Idaho College on Friday.

Facing the pesky foe on the road was tough, however the Mountaineers showed some strength securing four wins. However, EOU would eventually fall to the Cardinals 30-12. The Mounties notched wins from Mhar Caballa at 125, Brendon Vladic at 141, Ryan Middleton at 157 and Brandon Davidson at 165. The men compete again this weekend, traveling to Reno, Nevada for the Tournament of Champions.

That’s the latest news in EOU athletics, we hope you all have a great holiday season and that you’ll join us again in January, as we take you Around the Mountain in 90 seconds.

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