THINGS GET HEATED ABOUT B2H AND BEER – Weekly Newsish Roundup: August 23 – 31, 2017

Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for August 23 – 31, 2017

In the news today:

  • The Great American Eclipse
  • So Much Beer, So Little Time
  • B2H on Trial

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Hey La Grande Alive! This is your weekly newsish roundup, brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Anything2Digital, and EONI!

LGATV - Newsish Roundup
Earlier this week, according to NASA, almost 300 million people migrated globally to see, front and center, the full solar eclipse. And man, I gotta say, speaking as a person who saw it from Baker City in all its totality, it was mind-boggling. Here’s a couple images taken from across the United States. Here’s one from Greenville, South Carolina. Here’s Hopkinsville, South Carolina. And here’s one from Jefferson City Missouri. We also got video of the event from Baker City, OR.

And the event was just the beginning. Many people have spent all this week thinking about what, exactly, the eclipse really meant. One weird bearded guy wrote this in a poem about his experience with the eclipse.

LGATV - Newsish RoundupYou never understand the value of the light
until you’ve looked directly at the sun
and felt it covered up.

But not everyone is as weird as that guy. And I got the opportunity to walk around and talk to a bunch of normal La Grandians this week about their most memorable experience of the eclipse.

And what about you, La Grande Alive? What was your most memorable moment of the eclipse? Post in the comments and we’ll put your name into a drawing to appear on your own Coffee With Will to talk about you and your experience of the eclipse this year! I promise you, it’s easier than pie and a whole heck of a lot more tasty.

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So Many Beers, So Little Time
Beer! Everyone loves beer! Well, most people like beer. I’m not one of them, but many Oregonians are! And last weekend, just before the eclipse, La Grande hosted its fourth annual Beer Festival at the Union County fairgrounds. Hundreds of beer-lovers from all over Eastern Oregon mecca’d to this oasis of craft beer culture, music, food, and overall festivities to enjoy over 80 craft beers from Portland to Colorado here to be tasted, tried, and enjoyed.

B2H On Trial
Last night about a hundred people gathered at the Blue Mountain Conference center to give their input into the B2H issue, yet again. After a long and somewhat tedious presentation about the appeal process things got a little spicy as people began to express their extreme distaste at not only the idea of the particular routes of the B2H power line but also the idea of a new power line in general!

People we’re very frustrated at the entire idea of a new power line and didn’t want it anywhere near La Grande. Plus, after that long an extremely technical speech about how to be involved in the appeal process nobody seemed to know exactly how they could best get involved! People yelled, people made passionate speeches and generally expressed frustrations. Even the county commissioners seemed frustrated at their seeming lack of power and options for their voices being really heard. But one voice, Irene with the STOP B2H commission, seemed to know what she was talking about and have an answer for how to help.

So bottom line, though the process is frustrating and complicated, if you have concerns about the B2H line contact Irene with the STOP B2H committee here in La Grande at this number (5418058446). La Grande Alive will have more on this story as it develops.

And that’s your weekly Newsish Roundup! This roundup…Grande Ronde Hospital, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Anything2Digital, and EONI!