Weekly Newsish Roundup: NOVEMBER 9TH – 16TH, 2017

Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for NOV 9-16 2017

In the news today:

  • USO Swing and Dance
  • Riverside Has Gone To The Dogs
  • Get Out and GO
  • Sport Spotlight
  • Around The Mountain in 90 Seconds

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Well hey there La Grande Alive! This is your weekly Newsish Roundup

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Swing With Us
The USO Dance is swinging into La Grande this weekend! And what’s the USO dance? Well…

LGA TV - Weekly Newsish RoundupWho doesn’t like jazz and swing? All the members of the La Grande High School jazz band certainly like it. And two of the members told me what, exactly, it is about jazz that’s got them so jazzed.

Now, if you don’t know how to swing, that’s okay. The high school dance club will be doing lessons 30 minutes before the actual dance to give people a rundown of basic swing moves.

But why go this weekend? Why is it important? Well, all proceeds of this dance go directly to buy band uniforms for the LGHS kids. And that’s important because why?

The dance starts this Saturday at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Dress nicely and make sure to bring your dancing shoes.

Riverside Dogs
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
As of several weeks ago, the Riverside has gone to the dogs. A brand-new entirely-enclosed dog park has been installed by La Grande Parks and Rec. And now dogs of every shape and size can get their runs and plays with their fellow doggies. The park is located on the far side of riverside and has two distinct sections: one for big dogs, and one for small, timid dogs who have a little bit of social anxiety. I bet some people wish all society was organized that way. Both sections are equipped with water spigots and poop bags. And according to Stu Spence, director of LG Parks and Rec, the park is perfect for people with energetic puppies who need somewhere to let them get their energy out after work.

Stu said that the dog park fits in with the overall goal of Parks and Rec by getting people out and about being active and involved in the city. He said the park is nice because people with dogs who don’t do well off-leash elsewhere can now play off-leash in an enclosed space. He also said that the parks and rec department has plans to install benches for people to sit on and, ultimately, to make the park into an even better place for owners and pets to get out together and enjoy La Grande’s parks.

For more information about the dog park, grab your dog and go visit it! It’s open dawn to dusk and the busiest times are about 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Get Out and GO!
And here’s your local events in Get Out and Go with Emily Adair!

Sports Spotlight
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
Last week La Grande high school tigers football team had a huge win in Phoenix, Oregon all the way across the state. Winning 25-15, the team has for the first time in many years advanced well into the playoffs and, this weekend, will play Marshfield for their opportunity to stay in the running. If they win, they advance. If they lose, good season guys. But either way, the season is coming to a close here soon. And as such this week I got the opportunity on a cold, windy day to head up to their practice and ask some of the players about their favorite memories of the season.

La Grande Alive will be traveling to Marshfield and streaming the game live so be sure to check it out!

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