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You love your family, don’t you?

Yes, we love each other.

Weekly Newsish RoundupFamily can be… difficult, to say the least. And an upcoming show at Eastern Oregon University addresses exactly this difficulty. Independence is a story about three sisters Kerry, Jo, and Kess who return to their hometown Independence for a sort of family reunion with their mom Evelyn. But instead of the typical everyone is happy and the family comes back together in the end story, it’s not quite that simple. Sometimes in order to grow you have to move on. And this play is about the daughters realization that they too need to leave to find themselves.

This play is Cassandra’s senior play at Eastern Oregon University. And she’s loved the play since she originally read it years ago, she said. Even then she knew she wanted to direct it. And now, several years later, she’s getting the opportunity to do just that.

The play is a great play, Cassandra said, for people who have ever had trouble with family or have felt the need for independence. The play is showing in the Schwartz Theatre February 8 to 10 at 7pm. The play is not kid friendly, said Cassandra, but for everyone else she’s excited for them to see this play they’ve worked so hard on.

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Weekly Newsish RoundupDid you know that 1 in 3 women experience sexual abuse or domestic violence in their lifetime? Did you know that 1 in seven men do? Sexual assault and domestic violence are rampant in the United States. And denying that is like denying short people exist.

You know, I just really don’t see them.

Domestic and sexual problems are real problems, according to Heather Larvik, the director of Shelter From The Storm here in La Grande. And every year the shelter helps dozens of people affected by this issue.

Shelter from the storm started in the house of a single woman who set her mind to help victims of domestic violence she saw right around her. And since it’s grown into the multiple-county service and activism organization that helps hundreds of victims a year. But they don’t do it on peanuts and gum wrappers. Helping people affected by sexual and domestic violence costs cold, hard cash. And that’s why every year the shelter hosts a soup supper to raise money to help them to serve victims right here in the valley.

The soup supper is happening Saturday February 24. And the fun part about the supper is that everyone who purchases a ticket comes home with a custom, one-of-a-kind handmade bowl from a local artist. At the event, there’s going to be, well, soup, plus a silent auction of local art people can bid on. All money goes directly to helping victims. So if you’re interested in supporting the shelter, head out to their headquarters off Island Avenue and grab a ticket. But don’t wait! There’s 200 tickets, and every year the tickets sell out!

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