Scout-Doorsing & Dancing Bananas – Weekly Newsish Roundup

March 16 to 22 – 6 News Segments in 14 minutes!

Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for March 16 – 22. In the news today:

  • Scout-Doorsing
  • Coffee with Will and Zeke Fetrow
  • Get Out and Go
  • Local Sports
  • Around the Mountain
  • La Grande Alive LIVE

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Hey LaGrandeAlive! I’m sick, and this is your weekly Newsish Roundup brought to you by Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, and

I was a boy scout once. And then I realized I was a woman. What? Just kidding. About being a woman. Not about being a boy scout. I do, in fact, have vague memories of doing box-car derbies, getting badges, doing my darndest to remember the scout law, promise, and that one other code thing you have to remember. Can you see why I’m not a Boy Scout any more? But just because I’m not a scout any more doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate who they are and what they do. And the last several weeks I got the opportunity to put together a piece about the Boy Scouts right here in Eastern Oregon. 

If you’re interested in getting your child involved with the Boy Scouts in Eastern Oregon you can learn more at their website. 

Coffee With Will and Zeke Fetrow / Brahms Requiem
It’s not often I get to geek out with people about one of my favorite subjects: art. But this week on Coffee With Will, I got to chat with a man who combines massive musical erudition with a fun-loving demeanor that wins even the stuffiest of people to his side: Zeke Fetrow. Zeke is the conductor of the Grande Ronde Symphony and a music nerd to the max. He knows a bunch about the musical history of the pieces he directs, pieces including Brahms Requiem that he is conducting tomorrow night at Eastern Oregon University.

Despite knowing everything about the history behind classical arrangements, Zeke isn’t hoity toity about his knowledge. He’s actually a super fun-loving guy. Zeke believes that his place is trying to bring people into the music and making classical music accessible to everyone from professors to poppers.

Overall the conversation was a wonderfully profound yet fun exploration of Brahms Requiem and emotion in music in general. The rest of this conversation is available on LaGrandeAlive’s Facebook page. And be sure to head up to Mackenzie Theater tonight, Thursday March 16, at 7:30 pm for Brahms Requiem in La Grande.

Upcoming Events
And here’s your upcoming events with Emily Adair in Get Out and Go!

Local Sports
In sports… Nothing! Not a lot going on in local sports these days, with basketball and wrestling all done. But here’s a video of a dancing banana just so you know we care.

Around the Mount
And here’s your EOU sports with Evan and Chris in Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds.

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