September 14-20, 2017
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In the news today:

  • Central School Goes Global
  • Superintendent Swap
  • Cloverhaven Cowgirls – Boots and Lace
  • Get Out and Go!
  • Sports Spotlight
  • Around the Mountain
  • La Grande Amateur Golf Tournament

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Hello La Grande Alive. This is your weekly Newsish Roundup, brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Anything 2 Digital, EONI, Valley Realty, Country Financial, and Les Schwab.

Central School Goes Global

LGATV - Newsish RoundupBack in my day, we had projectors in schools. We had transparencies. We had big old computers that looked like a bloated apples colored like the teletubbies. And now look at kids. They have screens. They have Chromebooks. They have giant wide screen televisions in every classroom so that they can watch what they’re writing on their iPads real-time! What ever happened to colored pencils? That’s what I want to know!

But you know what you can’t do with colored pencils? Work on collaborative projects with people across the globe. And truth be told that’s the world we live in. And those of us who think that kids may be a little bit spoiled these days have to come to terms with the fact that, if our kids are going to survive in the work world, they need to learn how to operate work with someone in another state or even another country. Global collaboration. And that’s the idea behind Central School’s new high-tech collaboration-stressed design. A place where kids can learn to live in the new tech-saturated world and work with other people instead of just doing things on their own.

The new central school building came about through a process of planning that is several years old. Originally, the administrators were considering just updating the old Central school to keep it running. But it wasn’t safe. So ultimately they decided to design and build a new high-tech school to bring kids into the modern world.

The school operates on what’s called the “Pod” method. Every grade has a “pod”. All the classrooms for that grade are in that pod. Then each pod has a “breakout room” into which kids from all classes can join together to collaborate. That way kids are learning to work with others outside their classroom.

The rest of Suzy Mayes interview will be available on La Grande Alive for you to watch. And be sure to poke your head into the Central School to see the screens, big, open halls, and the kids. I’m sure Suzie would be eager to show you around.

Superintendent Swap

LGATV - Newsish RoundupThere’s two new dudes in superintendent positions around the valley. Mr. George Mendoza has taken the position of superintendent in La Grande, and Mr. Earl *** is the new superintendent of the Cove school district. And this week I got to sit down with both of them and get introductions.

Now, these two men’s personalities are as far apart as Penn and Teller. Earl, Cove’s new superintendent, is ex-military. He’s brunt, confident, and to the point. All his sentences end with a period. George, La Grande’s new LGATV - Newsish Roundupsuperintendent, on the other hand, is softer spoken, gentler. He smiles a lot and before my interview he polished his shoes, if that tells you anything about his attention to detail and style. He’s soft like a armchair pillow: he makes you very comfortable to be sitting and talking to him. But ironically, though these two men put side by side would seem like completely different people, their leadership philosophies are actually quite similar.

Both of these interviews will be available in full on La Grande Alive. Both will be more active on La Grande Alive in coming times.

Boots and Lace and Horse

Okay, so I’ve done a lot about horses recently. I promise I’m almost done. But when I went out several weeks ago to cover Cloverhaven, I wanted to put together a longer piece about what’s so special about horses and why you should head out this weekend to their Boots and Lace fundraiser this weekend.

The fund-raiser is this Saturday out near Union. For more information about Cloverhaven, visit their website.

Get Out and Go!

And speaking of upcoming events, here’s Get Out and Go! With Emily Adair from GO! Magazine.

Sports Spotlight

And here’s your local sports in your weekly sports spotlight with Ronald Bond from the Observer Newspaper!

Around the Mountain

And here’s your EOU sports in Around the Mountain in 90 seconds!


And one other quick sports highlight! Last week the Grande Ronde Open golf tournament was hosted out at the La Grande Country Club by the Grande Ronde Hospital foundation. And what’s the GRH foundation? Well, here’s Patrick Flynn telling you.

Now some of you may be asking, why Golf? Well I asked Patrick the same question and he had this to say.

Now, this tournament has been going for about 20 years annually. This year 69 golfers came together to play. The Amateur features 36 holes of individual stroke-play golf spread over three days, followed by a Sole Survivor competition on Sunday afternoon. The champions of the event were Jeff Neher of Walla Walla, who shot a gross 149, and Beccy Kramer of Imbler, who shot a gross 155.