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La Grande Alive TVSome ticked off parents are taking the high school to the field over sports. Several families are openly speaking out against a decision made by La Grande High School administrators to not let their kids play sports for the high school teams. So here’s the scoop: these kids are attending what’s called the “Baker Web Academy”, a private online school over in Baker, and because of this La Grande High is not letting the kids play on the Tigers teams. But this isn’t how it’s always been. In the past, the school has allowed the kids to play. But not any more. So why, exactly, was the change made? Is it legitimate? These are some of the questions that the parents have been asking. Well, LaGrandeAlive got the scoop with Don McLean, one of the agitated parents, plus Brett Baxter the LHS principal.

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So what do you think La Grande? If a student attends another private school not the public school of their town, should they be allowed to compete? Should the school allow the students to play despite not receiving government subsidies for their attendance? Should the school make an exception for these particular students? Your thoughts and comments below.

La Grande Alive TVHave you been feeling a little sick recently?

Have a fever? A bad headache? Stiff neck? A little confused and weak? Paralyzed? Well, if so, you should go to the doctor. Or get someone to drive you there if you’re paralyzed. Recently mosquitos have been tested positive in the Grande ROnde valley with the West Nile Virus. If you’re over 50, have diabetes or high blood pressure, or are overall just a person that gets sick a lot, you are at risk. Now, hold on. Don’t panic. Leave your pitchforks inside and I promise you Jesus isn’t on the horizon. I had a chat with Chris Law at the Union County Vector Control and he said currently it’s not a big concern. West Nile is transmitted primarily through birds: robins, magpies, jays, crows, ravens, the works. Wherever the birds go, the West Nile Virus goes, he said. And he hasn’t seen the west nile in any animals yet around here, including the birds. When he starts seeing it in animals, then we have a bigger problem. So what’s the moral of the story? If you feel sick, go to the doctor. If you know you’re going to be hiking by a stagnant pond, put on long-sleeve shirts and pants. Minimize standing water near your house. And just don’t lick dead birds. They may look appetizing, but they’re full of bacteria and disease and it’s just a place your tongue shouldn’t go.

So what’s going on this next week? Well, a whole heck of a lot of live music. Tonight at 5 there’s music at Max Square and at 8 at Ten Depot street in La Grande. Tomorrow, Friday, Barley Brown’s in Baker is having Jeremiah craig at 8. And this weekend as part of the Wallowa County Thunder Run Ashes 2 Ashes and Blue Tattoo will play Friday night in Enterprise at the fairgrounds. And speaking of the Thunder Run, what happens when a bunch of bikers get together and coordinate an event? Well, lots of exhaust and noise, first of all. But also food, games, and, as I mentioned, live music, apparnetly. That’s going on in Enterprise both Thursday and Friday. But the car-junkies aren’t letting the bikers one-up them. Saturday they’re getting out their chrome polish and starting up the classic cars for the Baker City Memory Cruise. Also this weekend in La Grande, there’s a drug-free run going on up at Mount Emily Recreation Area. There will be no drugs at this run, I promise, and the run is put on so that there won’t be any drugs anywhere else as well. And after you’re done getting all sweaty raising awareness for drugs, you can head down to the Memorial Pool and swim around in the outdoor tub with your dogs. That starts at 11:00 am. Overall a fun-packed weekend with a ton of crap to do which means none of you should be inside at all this weekend. Unless you’re reading a classic or watching an Ingmar Bergman film. Then I forgive you.

In sports, speaking of the LHS Tigers, the football team is kicking off this weekend with a jamboree. As part of this jamboree, they’re going to play Enterprise and Imbler for about a quarter’s length. It starts at 6 pm at Eastern Oregon university.

Also, if you can’t make the jamboree (and I mean really can’t not just I’m too lazy to get off my sofa and leave my big-jug pepsi drink) we’re going to be live-streaming the jamboree plus all the rest of the football games this whole season on LaGrandeAlive. It’s a pretty cool service. We have instant replays, a caller, and a bunch of fancy-smanchy stuff to make the games really cool and accessible. You can even bring it up at the real game to watch the replays if you’re at the stadium. So bottom line: go to the game, tune in to LaGrandeAlive, support your Tigers, and don’t lick dead birds.

Up at EOU, the Mountie volleyball girls trashed Rocky Mountain this last weekend for not one, not two, but three games in a row. The scores were 13-25, 11-25, and 15-25, pretty big margins if you ask me. But then again I know about as much about volleyball as I know about dead birds. Okay, I’ll stop beating that dead bird. Anyways, the next EOU game will be at the Big Sky Invitational on August 26. They’re playing Carrol at 12 pm.

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