Men In Women’s Clothing and the Emerald Gala 

Weekly Newsish Roundup: February 28 – March 7, 2017

In the News Today:

  • Devil Boys From Beyond at EOU
  • Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation Gala on St. Patrick’s Day

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Hello La Grande Alive. In the news today, an Irish-themed gala up on St. Patrick’s Day…

  • …plus hunky hunks and cross dressing up at EOU…
  • ..Only on your weekly Newsish Roundup, brought to you by….

Weekly Newsish Roundup LGA TVHave you ever seen a man dressed like a woman? Before that introduction, I mean. Living in La Grande, probably not. The closest thing to cross dressing we have here is the ranch we serve at our church potlucks. But a recent play coming to EOU is crossing that boundary with a little bit of fabulous flair to boot.

Devil Boys From beyond is a play about, well, about gay alien space-hunks come to earth and to impregnate old ladies. And, what’s more, the old ladies don’t think it’s that bad because the aliens are way sexier than their husbands. No, there’s no deeper meaning. Yes, the 80 year old grandmas are really men dressed in drag. The play is a campy romp, the crew said, and this week I got to sit down with several them to talk to them about, well, whatever this thing is that they’re putting on.

But what’s it like to be a man playing a woman? I asked Jordan who plays one of the old ladies how he prepared for playing an old woman.

So, bottom line, if you like culture like the Naked Gun Series…

  • …or Austin powers…
  • …. or the Rocky Horror picture show…
  • …You just may love devil boys from beyond. It’s hilarious, Jordan and Xiola said. The show is not family friendly, though, so leave your kids at home.

Also, this weekend there will be a dinner dedicated to this play Saturday, March 3rd at 7pm at the Grande Lumiere Conference Center in La Grande. The play itself shows the 7th to the 10th of March. Shows begin at 7pm.

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This story was brought to you by…Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, EONI,, and Les Schwab Tires

What are you doing on St. Patrick’s day evening?
Weekly Newsish Roundup LGA TV
Don’t be that guy who spends his St. Patrick’s day evening watching rom-coms on Netflix, getting raging drunk, then waking up the next day and asking himself, what am I doing with my life? There’s no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, let me tell you.

Instead, you should get get all dressed up in green and head on down to the St. Patricks’ day themed GRH foundation gala. At the gala, there’s going to be a world-class magician, music by a bon-e-fied Irish band, plus some of the tastiest food you’ll taste in La Grande cooked by chef Merlyn Baker the crem-de-la-crem of culinary caterers in the valley.

Now, the Gala is one of the fanciest events in La Grande, but the organizers want it to be as fun as possible.

Every year this gala is hosted by the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit fundraising group dedicated to keeping the hospital up to date with healthcare technology. And this week I got to sit down with Patrick, the foundation director, and he said that the foundation is a great way of giving power over the direction of healthcare back to the citizens of Union County.

Now, if you’re interested in going to this gala, tickets are available online at the Grande Ronde Hospital Foundation website. But get them quick! They’re selling out. The event will be at the EOU Gilbert center, and just to give you a taste of the entertainment, here’s a little bit of video about the magician performing, Hart Keene.

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This story was brought to you by…Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, EONI,, and Les Schwab Tires

And that’s your weekly newsish roundup! Quick! How many cards am I holding!

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