Lori McNeil Video Profile – Mrs. Oregon 2016 for Mrs. USA

Meet Lori McNeil, reigning Mrs. Oregon. Sponsored by by Brent Clapp Media Services.

Lori McNeil of Baker City, Oregon
Lori McNeil -LGAlive TV“Pageantry is not what I expected.” Apparently, In addition to walking on a stage and looking pretty, each contestant for Mrs. USA is required to partake in business interviews, resume inspections, impromptu speeches, and multiple other tests and competitions designed to prove their potency as a leader and competent member of society.

It’s not just a bunch of bimbos on stage, to be sure. And all this I learned from my week-long experience of doing this video with Lori McNeil, the Mrs. Oregon competitor for the Mrs. USA competition.

Lori is from Baker, OR, and we got the opportunity to sponsor her for this year’s competition with a video. She is interested in her home, Baker City, Eastern Oregon has been an educator for 18 years, is a new author and an undefeated battleship champion.

Lori’s character profile created by Brent Clapp Media Services.
By Will Bowman
 – Senior Editor

Lori’s showcase available first here on LaGrandeAlive.tv


From Lori’s Website:

I am passionate about Literacy!

I love working hard with community partners throughout Eastern Oregon to help promote Literacy and encourage a love for Reading!






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Lori McNeil, Mrs. USA - La Grande Alive TV