Weekly Newsish Roundup: May 25 – 31

Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for May 25 – 31.

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  • In Farmers We Trust
  • Coffee With Will and Dale Mammen
  • Get Out and Go
  • Upcoming Events
  • Local Sports Spotlight
  • Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds

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In Farmers We Trust
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
The La Grande Farmer’s Market opened its doors last Saturday! Now if you haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market, it’s a blast of fun, fruit, and local musicians available for the whole family to enjoy. There’s handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and even hand-made soap for you to peruse, buy, and use. And this week I got the opportunity to sit down with several members of the Farmer’s Market planning committee and chat with them about why you should head down to the market and buy local.

Now, the Farmer’s Market is open Saturdays from 9 am to noon and Tuesdays 3:30 pm to 6 pm. If you’re interested in knowing more about the market, they can be visited on this website. So gird your loins and break out your baskets, everyone, farmer’s market is open for the season!

Coffee With Will and Dale Mamman
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
Have you ever wondered how to get things done effectively? I know as a recent-post-graduate the whole “adulting” thing can be a struggle sometime, especially in the area of getting things done successfully and effectively. But that’s okay because this week Dale Mammen, local entrepreneur and Liberty THeater foundation lead, sat down with me and talked about his four P’s of project development.

And Dale’s applying the 4ps in a big way to his current project, the Liberty Theater. The liberty theater is a old-as-dust historical theater in La Grande that Dale and his fellows are planning to restore. Recently they asked for some money in the form of budget allocation from the city of La Grande. But they got DENIED because, well, you’d have to ask the city council on that one. But that’s okay, said Dale, because patience and politics are two of this 4 ps. And the Liberty Theater is important enough, he said, to keep pushing which, hey, is another P!

The rest of this discussion is available on our LaGrandeAlive.tv facebook page.

Get Out and Go!
And here’s your upcoming events with Emily Adair from Go Magazine in Get Out and Go!

LGA TV - Weekly Newsish RoundupA couple other events coming up. A millionaire has been murdered! And it’s your job to figure out whodunit! Le Bebe Cakes will be hosting a murder mystery night Saturday May 27, 5-7 or 8-10 pm. There will be dinner, and and it will be the goal of the dinner party to figure out who, exactly, killed master big bucks! Ticks are 19.95 for general admission and must be reserved before the event at Le Bebe Cakes.

Also, the Grande Ronde Symphony will host its last concert of the season next Wednesday, May 31, at EOU! The theme of the concert will be “Showstoppers” and will feature several eye-turning musicians including Concerto-Aria Lauren Guthridge, soprano Shahayla Ononaiye, and Hermiston High School Junior Sidney Tovey. Tickets are 12 bucks for general admission with discounts for students, seniors, and military. They can be purchased online or at Direct Music Source.

Community Calendar
Interested in more upcoming events? Well, check out the La Grande Alive community calendar. Just head to our website and click on the link in the top right for all your upcoming events.

Sports Spotlight
And here’s your weekly prep sports with Ronald Bond from the Observer Newspaper in Sports Spotlight!

Around the Mountain
And here’s your EOU sports guys with a special message about the upcoming Mounty Awards!


And that’s your weekly Newsish Roundup!