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LaGrandeAlive.TV is a local Internet TV station that focuses on local programming and activities is your source for a deeper look into the Grande Ronde Valley.

We feature live, simulated live and archived video events, offering year round Sponsorship Opportunities to local business. Live Internet TV offers many advantages over Print, Radio and Broadcast TV.

Here at LaGrandeAlive, we’re all about our valley, and we want you to be too. We feature in-depth content that is focused on you getting to know what, exactly, is going on right outside your door. We feature local business, culture, artists, events, sports, politics, academics, and much more. Anything you can think of, we’ve probably featured it going on right here in the valley.

Please call (541) 963-8410 or go to our Contact Page for ways to reach out to us.


Here are the shows we produce:

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The Newsish Roundup

The Newsish Roundup is exactly what it sounds like: “newsish.” Every week we produce a bunch of local videos, news stories and features about stuff going on right here in the Grande Ronde Valley. And then we shove it all into a pot like a stew and out comes the Newsish Roundup. It combines local news, sports, events with a slightly comedic and sarcastic twinge. Like when you put a drop of crimson red food coloring in otherwise boring, colorless cup of H20.

You can watch it on your phone or just listen to it while you’re making breakfast and your morning cup of Joe. It’s a quick and fun but ultimately informative way you can keep up with just a few things going on in the Grande Ronde Valley without taking too much of the precious time in your day. So if you want to know what’s up and what’s going down around town, tune in every Thursday night for your weekly Newsish Roundup only on La Grande Alive.

Go Live For Alive 

Have you heard of Go Live For Alive? Go Live For Alive allows you to be a live reporter for LaGrande Alive, anywhere in the Grande Ronde Valley. Just pull out your phone, click off a quick video or photo and send it with some text to LaGrande Alive via Facebook Messenger. Or you can just send us a news update through the same medium.

Coffee With Will

In Coffee With Will, Will Bowman, the senior producer here, gets to combine two of his favorite pastimes–people and coffee–into one fun and slightly in-depth cup of tea: Coffee With Will. In the show, Will talks with local politicians, farmers, artists, doctors, lawyers, and just plain folk, all with one thing in common: they live and are active right here in the Grande Ronde Valley. And Will can BS about anything: culture, upcoming events, the connection between art and religion, all with the ultimate purpose to get to know the people who live right next door, down the street, and just to the left somewhere right here in the valley. So if you like people or just listening to local personalities talk about interesting things, tune in to Coffee With Will, every Monday only on La Grande Alive.

William Bowman is a local writer and filmmaker that lives in La Grande and makes short videos. He does long-form dramas and short comedy skits. Check out our page for Will Bowman Films and for more of his content, see his website at Bowman Studios

LaGrandeAlive.TV is a local Internet TV station that focuses on local programming and activities.
We feature live, simulated live and archived video events. Our programing includes:

  • Local political events
  • public sporting events (both produced by LaGrandeAlive.TV and those uploaded by parents)
  • local church inspirational programming
  • local news events, locally created original programming
  • Northeast Oregon Film Maker productions
  • local musical artist concerts
  • and interviews of significant members of La Grande and surrounding communities.


LaGrandeAlive.TVLGALIVE Logo Bug 600 – Local Live Streaming News Sponsored by local businesses!

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Including Local Business Showcases

There’s a lot happening in the Grande Ronde community. At LaGrandeAlive.tv, we do a lot of looking with our camera lens. We look at people, projects, ideas, places, locations, businesses. We talk with local personalities and just plain folk to see what they care about and what makes them tick. We can let you know where you can buy the best donut in the valley, or at least where we think to anyways.

In shows like Coffee With Will and the EO People Project, we look into local people’s lives either creatively or just in a good-old conversation over coffee. In shows like Adventures in Eastern Oregon and Travel Tramps, we travel around Eastern Oregon and the whole world with local people who you know and love who love to do the same.

In our Community Interest pieces, we explore churches, businesses, events and other happenings around the valley that you too may be interested. So if you’re looking for a fun and personal look deeper into the people and culture of the Grande Ronde, you’ll find that here at LaGrandeAlive.tv

Watch for the 2016-17 Season of La Grande High School basketball games streamed live right here on LaGrandeAlive.TV – Local Sports News

Would you like to become a sponsor? Call (541) 786-0200

EO Creative

Eastern Oregon Creative – Creation is a deep desire to every human being. And that desire, for the past millions of years, has resulted in some of the most beautiful and emotionally evocative expressions of the human condition, essentially, what we call art. And today that’s no different. Creation, especially artistic creation, is still an integral part of the human experience.

That being said, there’s a lot of creative people in the Grande Ronde Valley. And we want you to experience them both electronically and in person. La Grande Alive hosts multiple local artists online so that you can quickly and easily peruse their craft right from the comfort of your home. But why stop there? You can also connect with these artists through their featured profile so you too may just be able to connect and collaborate with them, becoming an integral part of the creative process so dear to us here at LaGrandeAlive.tv. So if you’re into art, don’t be an uncultured old fart, check out EO Creative on LaGrandeAlive.tv for all your local creative content.

Brent Chats

Brent Clapp, the owner and operator of LaGrandeAlive, likes talking about the issues. In Brent Chats, Brent sits down to talk about the real issues in the valley with experts and interested parties right here in the valley. Brent talks to business owners, politicians, people working in social services and everyone else on the spectrum. Whether it’s politics or passions, Brent Chats are a little more serious, a little more pointed than our other talk shows, but informative and focused on real issues that affect us in the valley every single day. So if you like discussion and want to see a little more of the serious side of our station, tune in to Brent Chats only on La Grande Alive.

Brent Clapp has run a local business in La Grande for nearly ten years. He studied Religion and Media at Northwest Nazarene University and is a techy-geek through and through. He was the pastor at the La Grande Nazarene church for almost nine years before that. In his free time (the little free-time he has being a small-business owner!) he spends time with his wife Tanya and his family that lives spattered across the Pacific Northwest.

Grande Film Reviews

Do you like movies? Well, Jeanie, Bridger, and Josh sure do! And they have the scoop about many movies and films coming to your local theater in La Grande. Should you go and see them? What should you look for? Do the actors do a good job? What about the script? The cinematography? These questions and more this trio of local film-buffs will answer for you in Grande Film Reviews. So if flicks just make you tick and you’re dying to hear about what’s going to get you the best quality experience in cinema, tune into Grande Film Reviews every other week only on La Grande Alive.

La Grande Alive TV is an Internet based TV Station

We focus on local programming and activities around the Grande Ronde Valley and Eastern Oregon featuring live, simulated live and archived video events.

Our featured video or live event streaming sponsors get many many advantages over Print, Radio and Broadcast TV.

Please call (541) 963-8410 to start sponsoring and supporting your local community today!

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Including La Grande, Union, The Grande Ronde Valley, Cove, Imbler, Elgin and Summerville.