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October 5th – 11th, 2017

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  • Hunt Hall Falls
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Hunt Hall Falls
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish RoundupAnd speaking of demolitions, Hunt Hall has fallen! After decades of talking about the forthcoming demolition, earlier this summer, EOU finally pulled the trigger and

No more Hunt Hall. Now, since the inception of the idea to demo Hunt it has been controversial. I was a resident assistant at EOU when Hunt was still standing and, let me tell you, lots of ex-students have very fond memories of that building. I remember the time someone stole the big-screen television in the main lobby. Everyone in the building had to end up paying for it, but it was those kind of weird little things that made old, dilapidated hunt hall what it was: a fun, social hall of a bunch of people who loved to stay up late, play video games, and procrastinate their homework together until the last possible minute. And the decision to demo was even more complicated, said Luke Aldrich, the EOU capital projects manager, who I got to sit down with and talk to about the project this week. He said that there were many obstacles to choosing what to do with the site.

According to EOU’s website, Hunt Hall has four wings which were constructed between 1930 and 1960. Betty White was only 8 years old back then! And over the years, the building has dilapidated slowly posing some serious safety concerns which, ultimately, led to the decision to tear it down.

That being said, the cost of renovation was over 30 million, Aldrich said. So without a donor they couldn’t rebuild it. Also, the hilltop has an old pioneer cemetery there, making doing any excavation pretty much a no-no without a lot of hoops to jump through. So ultimately, Aldrich said, they decided to demo the building and just make it a pretty, parking-lot-and-path-filled area.

But the project is only at the demolition phase. Ripping down takes time just like building up. And so this winter, he said, it may look a little bit unfinished.

La Grande Alive will have more on this story coming soon. We’ll follow it until it’s complete. Also, Luke’s interview will be available in-full on La Grande Alive so check it out.

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Caffeinated Christ
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish RoundupWhat do caffeine and Jesus Christ have in common? Well, they’re both served at Rattle Tail Coffee in Union, Oregon! And this week I got the great opportunity to ascend to Union and chat with Randy, the owner, about his new Christ-centered coffee shop.

Randy worked as an auto mechanic for over 30 years. And over the last two years, Randy and his wife have moved to Eastern Oregon to be with family and decided coffee sounded like the business they’d like to be in. Randy likes coffee because it makes people happy, and every day he gets to see people come in and walk out just a little bit more joyful because of the tasty caffeinated drinks he serves them.

Faith is a big part of the Rattle Tail business. Now, you’re not going to walk in and get a cup full of proselytization on the side of your caramel mocha. That’s not Randy’s game. Instead, he wants Rattle Tail to be a bastion of warmth and love, a place, he said, that people can come and feel the Spirit even if he never says the word Jesus Christ to them. He wants people who do business with him to feel that he cares genuinely because, in a small town, you can’t fake it.

Randy’s full interview will be available on our Facebook page. And be sure to pop out and get your coffee and caffeinated Christ at Rattle Tail Coffee in Union Oregon. Nothing to pick you up like a little caffeine buzz served with some old-fashioned Christ-like love that, like coffee, makes your insides feel all warm when it’s cold outside.

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Get Out and GO!
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Sports Spotlight
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Around the Mountain
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