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  • Cloverhaven Cowgirls
  • Eclipsed!

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Cloverhaven Cowgirls
And speaking of horses, there’s something about them. Something that makes you want to tell them all your problems, reveal all your deepest emotions. Something tender and sensitive yet, at the same time, quietly powerful. And this week I got the opportunity to visit the Cloverhaven Cowgirl Camp 2017 where every summer several groups of young ladies spend a whole week getting to know horses and enjoying the subtle therapy of these gentle giants.

But these horses aren’t all tears and ears. They’re also extremely powerful beasts and being around them, said Brittany, rubs off on the girls and, in a way, empowers them.

Now this year’s camps are done. Winter is coming and the open-air facilities they have are too cold to go all winter. But Brittany said that she’d love to have facilities for year-round camps. This is her passion, she said, and she said that, with more money, her dreams could become a reality. And she said that the upcoming Gala on the 16th of September is a perfect opportunity to give to this cause.

La Grande Alive will have more on this story in a couple weeks.

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Eclipsed! Next Monday, August 21st, the moon and sun are ready for their closeups. The eclipse is happening and here’s a couple tips on how you should prepare all courtesy of the Observer Newspaper.

  1. Be prepared for inconveniences. Over three million people are slated to travel through this area this weekend. And where people go, inconveniences grow. So be prepared and maybe spend a little more time meditating this week to prepare your spirit for petty annoyances.
  2. Stock up! Stock up on any necessities this week thursday and friday. Here’s the list: food, water, safety glasses, prescriptions and medicines and any special necessities for you. You won’t, I repeat, you won’t be able to drive very well to purchase things this weekend, especially the day before the eclipse. So buy it all now.
  3. Don’t burn. There is a county-wide burn ban, people, so keep your matches in your pants and your lighters in your backpacks. The last three forest fires around here were human caused. And with all the people, we don’t want any flames spoiling the skies for our front-row seat of this thing.

For more information on the eclipse, be sure to check out the Observer story in their Monday newspaper. La Grande Alive will have a follow up next week.

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