Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for August 10-16, 2017. In the news today:

  • Theatre Camps
  • B2H On Trial Part 2
  • Get Out and Go

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Theater Camp
Parents, looking for somewhere to dump your kids during the week? Yes, yes, I know you would never think such a thing about your kids. But if do think such heinous thoughts, the Elgin Opera House is holding week-long summer camps which look like a stick and a bundle of fun for kiddos of every age. Every week close to a hundred kids descend on the Opera House to learn stage combat, dance, acting, and other theater activities. And Abagail Raasch, EOU student and assistant camp director, said that the most important thing the kids learn is how to make friends and be social which, let’s be real, some of us (big arrow pointing at will) had a lot of trouble with at that age.

And as you can see by this b-roll, this ain’t no chess-club: it’s a lot of fun. And having fun is important, said Abagail.

After the week of training, the kids take all of their new knowledge and get to participate in the Elgin Opera House production of Wizard of Oz. If you’re interested in signing up your kids for Theatre Camp at the Opera House, visit their website and give them a call. And be sure to head out to Wizard of Oz and Catch Me If You Can showing these next weekends at the opera house.

B2H On Trial
Remember last week when I talked about B2H? Well, I got a couple things wrong and I want to correct them. I said it was B2H stood for Boise to Hermiston. Well, it doesn’t. It stands for Boardman to Hemingway. Also, I said the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission makes the final decision on where the line goes. Well, it’s actually the Energy Facilities Siding Council, or EFSC for short.

Now, that all being said, I got much of this information from having further conversations on the subject this week. After last week’s story, I got to sit down with, first, County Commissioner Donna Beverage, the third Union County commissioner, and, second, local attorney Brent Smith to talk about the legality of the issues. The conversation with Donna Beverage was short and to the point. She really had her ducks in a row and the bottom line of what we talked about was that the best way to get your concerns heard is to work with the county commissioners instead of against them.

I also got to talk to local attorney Brent Smith about the legality of the government taking private property. And interesting fact, the “eminent domain” laws are actually written into the constitution. What it says is, essentially, that the government can take private property for public use but only if they offer them fair compensation. So for those people (like me) who have a little inward cringe at the idea of government taking private land for public use, unfortunately, it’s been written right into our constitution since day one. But that’s okay, Brent said. The system that’s in place is actually really biased toward the private landowner and them getting solid payment for their condemned property. The best thing people in this situation can do, he says, is learn the system and use it to get what’s theirs.

The rest of these interviews, along with the Jack Howard and Steve McClure interviews, can be found in-full on La Grande Alive.

Grande Ronde Hospital is starting a new program for pregnant mothers struggling with alcohol and drugs. The CHARM program will help struggling mothers with services like access to safe housing, baby necessities, transportation, and registration assistance with other support services. It’s designed to help reduce the amount of fatalities and birth complications in mothers who struggle with drugs and alcohol. It was spearheaded by FBC Nurse Manager Jenny Gonzalez who said that she “experience(s) firsthand the heartbreak of newborns addicted to drug and alcohol as they suffer withdrawals and are discharged to a potentially unsafe home environment. We understand these mothers need help and we want to help them.” The program is not punitive and is more focused on helping the mothers and children than redressing the drug and alcohol problem and meting out consequences. It does, though, offer services to help the mother get sober.

Get Out and Go!
And here’s your upcoming events with Emily Adair from Go! Magazine in Get Out and Go!

One other event coming up, Union County CASA is hosting a carnival the weekend of the 19th! Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are volunteers who are appointed to each child taken into state jurisdiction due to abuse and/or neglect. And CASA is holding a carnival to increase awareness of CASA and need for what they call “superheroes” to support the abused and neglected youth in our community. It’s scheduled for August 19, at Riverside Park in La Grande from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. So get on down and have some fun!

And that’s your weekly Newsish Roundup.