Weekly Newsish Roundup: September 27 – October 4, 2017

Check out your Weekly Newsish Roundup for September September 27 – October 4, 2017.
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  • Challenging Walden
  • Big Brother Buxton Is Watching You
  • Sports Spotlight
  • Around the Mountain

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Challenging Walden
LGATV - Newsish Roundup
Michael Byrne is a stonemason. He was born in the Dalles and is a long-time resident of Hood River. He’s been a local ski instructor, a teacher, a coach, a Catholic Church member and a long time elected member of the Hood River PTA. Before Obamacare, he never had healthcare. When he was sick, he paid with cash. He dresses in a simple blazer with a cotton undershirt and from his slight frame you wouldn’t guess he carries, breaks, and crafts massive stones all day for a living. He’s a human being, just like you and me, an everyman. But what may or may not make him different than you is that he’s irately frustrated and fed up with Greg Walden, our local District 2 Politician who’s never, ever here and doesn’t represent our interests, he said.

There’s certain people you can tell are brimming with passion at any given moment. It’s in the eyes. And Michael is one of those people. And though La Grande Alive doesn’t necessarily agree with his opinions about Walden and otherwise, his interview was full of passion and care for the people of his small district in Eastern Oregon. And so, he’s running for office. He’s not a long-time politician, though, he’s just like you and me. And he’s fed up with the money and power saturating the public system. It takes the voice away from everyday folks, especially the underprivileged, he said.

Now, Byrne is running against Greg Walden for US Congress District 2. And when I asked, he said he didn’t quite know how he was going to get there. But ultimately he said that, if he won, all his votes would go toward giving people equal opportunity.

If you’d like to know more about Michael and his stance, you can visit his website. The entirety of his interview will be available on La Grande Alive for you to watch. And by the way, Greg Walden, if you’re out there, we’d love to have you into the studio to chat about why think you do represent us here in Eastern Oregon.

Big Buxton Is Watching!
LGATV - Newsish Roundup
Did you know that there are companies that analyze your credit card data and debit card spending records? Now, hold on shotgun, put away your slugs. It’s not the government or someone trying to sell you some cheap kitchen appliance. You don’t need to shoot anyone. Actually it’s companies dedicated to helping our community better do business by seeing where we’re spending money. And Buxton is one of those companies. And several years ago the City of La Grande Hired Buxton to find out what kind of items people were are buying locally, what kind of items people are traveling out of town to buy, and what people from other travel to our area to buy.

LGATV - Newsish Roundup Christine Jarskyc- Union County representativeThat was Christine Jarsky. She’s the Union County representative for the Buxton Study the city did several years ago and Brent sat down with her on Brent Chats this week to talk to her about Buxton. Now, most of the information the study gives us is pretty general. What economic areas we spend, what kinds of food we eat, those kinds of things. But some of it is very detailed: did you know we can tell what kind of mascara brand women buy within a 20 mile radius? And the trend information can be helpful. It can tell us, for instance, how Eastern Oregon differs from the national average on spen ding. Did you know that, in Eastern Oregon, were 20% higher than the national average in hunting sales? We’re also 20% lower in buying yoga supplies. Seems pretty straightforward, I know, but ultimately it’s very helpful for new and outside businesses to know if their store would succeed in our valley, including, restaurants.

Now, it’s a lot of data. And it takes some training to be able to decipher it. But, if you’re a current or possible local business owner and would like to know what this study says about your business, Christine said she’d be happy to sit down with you for free. The rest of this interview will be available on La Grande Alive in full.

Sports Spotlight
And here’s your weekly sports spotlight with Ronaldo Bond from the Observer Newspaper

Around the Mountain
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