Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for Dec 29 – January 4.

In the news today:

  • La Grande New Years Eve Party
  • La Grande Wins Safety Award
  • Central School Parking Problem Solved
  • Not A Single Auto Injury

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Your weekly Newsish Roundup for Dec 29 – January 4

Happy birthday Jesus and Happy Almost-New Year La Grande Alive! Get out your bottle rockets and resolution pads, it’s your weekly Newsish Roundup brought to you by these guys!

Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Grande Ronde Hospital, EONI,
Anything2Digital.com, and Les Schwab Tires

LGA TV La Grande Oregon - Weekly Newsish RoundupIf you’re like me and New Years Eve means Baileys and a good book, don’t be. Get out of your house and head down to the La Grande New Years Eve block party this Sunday on Adams Avenue at starting at 10 pm. There’s going to be burn barrels, a scavenger hunt in local businesses, plus a big-old ball drop with the chiming in of the new year. Now I talked to Ashley O’Toole, the coordinator of the event, and he said it’s important everyone get to events like this because it’s an opportunity for, and I quote, raging liberal snowflakes and die-hard conservatives to get together and be at peace. Also, first place prize for the scavenger hunt is a hundred big ones (a hundred big ones?) a hundred big ones, La Grande Alive. And second place is fifty. The scavenger hunt begins at at the Chamber of Commerce and, just a heads up, the signature of a “local celebrity” is going to be on the list so you might just want to keep an eye out for this bearded Facebook face.

LGA TV La Grande Oregon - Weekly Newsish RoundupWhen things aren’t blowing up and people aren’t getting robbed, La Grande feels like a pretty safe city, right? Well actually, La Grande recently won an award for being the 3rd safest city in Oregon. According to a study put on by SafeHome, a security company, we’re the third safest city behind Pendleton and Newburg-Dundee. Now what does that even mean, you might be asking. Well, I talked with Lt. Gary Bell of the LG police department and he said, in his opinion, a safe town is when the people feel safe. And La Grande feels pretty safe, he said, except for all the falling icicles. The reason, he said, that crime like the recent robbery string surprises us (gasp!) is because our town does feel safe normally. And how do we keep LG feeling safe? Lt. Bell said get to know your neighbor!

Getting to know your neighbors is actually one of the best ways to keep your city safe. It familiarizes you with who is familiar and who’s unfamiliar, giving you a safer feeling overall. So get off Facebook, La Grande Alive, and go and introduce yourself to that weird old guy that shovels your side walk sometime. Didn’t you watch Home Alone this Christmas? Odds are he’s probably not a murderer and you might just be contributing to La Grande’s place as third-safest city in Oregon.

LGA TV La Grande Oregon - Weekly Newsish RoundupAnd one last update, according to the Observer Newspaper, the lack of parking problem at Central School has been solved. How? They’re gonna tear down the high school tennis courts and build more parking there.

But I love tennis, Will! Eeh!

That’s okay creepy ski goggles man. They’re rebuilding the tennis courts in the place where the old central school was located. Once they get rid of all the asbestos, that is. Also a fact provided by the Observer Newspaper. La Grande Alive will have more on this story as it develops.

That’s it guys! Your weekly New-Years-Newsish roundup all done and wrapped up like a late Christmas present, which I’m sure a few of you have. One more big shout out to our sponsors.

Be sure to like and share the video and tune into La Grande Alive for more local content. I’m WIll Bowman.