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  • Crazy Days and Car Show
  • Disk Golf Tournament
  • Get Out and Go!

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Good day, La Grande Alive, this is your weekly newsish roundup brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, EONI, and

Crazy Days, Crazy Cars
Crazy days is coming to town! And I don’t mean a bunch of ex-mental patients are being let loose to wander, pillage, and draw baloon animals on the side of buildings. No, I’m talking about Crazy Days, the full day of small-town fun on Adams Avenue that happens every year. This Saturday, Adams Avenue will close down for a day of good old fashioned family fun. And as part of the show, every year Adams hosts about half a hundred slick, smoothe, and well-loved custom cars as part of the Grande Ronde-A-View car show. And this week I got to sit down on Coffee With Will with one of the car owners who participates, John Lackey, and talk to him about what it is about custom cars he likes so much.

John said that people of his generation loved cars because they were a creative exercise. Also, they were a cheap way to have fun with the family.

But you don’t see many young custom car makers these days, John said, because, one, it’s expensive, and two (and this is my opinion) many young people are more interested in techy stuff than cars. But John said that if you’re interested in learning cars, even if you don’t own one, they’d be happy to teach you.

The Crazy Days and car show begin this Saturday at 9 am. There will be cool cars, face painting, water-sporting, hula-hooping, and all other sorts of goofy fun. After that, all the cars will drive around for a Poker Cruise for all to see Saturday evening. So, if you’re interested in registering your custom car for the show, you can sign up this Friday evening at Riverside Park or Saturday before 9 am at the starting line. And even if not, head on down and check it out on Saturday.

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Disk Golf Tourney
Most of us think of disk golf as a casual pastime, not a competitive sport. But there are professionals, and some of those professionals are going to be coming to Eastern Oregon University this weekend for a tournament. Alex Guffy has been playing disk golf for about a year and a half. And he liked it so much he decided to coordinate a tournament!

The tournament will be open to the public but will also be open to professionals. And Alex said there’s actually some extremely talented players right here in the valley.

The tournament is happening this Friday and Saturday. Friday at 2 pm there will be a free disk golf clinic. At 6:30 there will be a players party at Side A Brewing and early registration. Saturday registration begins at 7 am for an early start to the tournament at 9:15 am. So if you like to toss the disk and don’t mind playing with the big boys (and girls!) be sure to head up to EOU this weekend for a toss. More information can be found on

Get Out and Go!
And here’s your other upcoming events with Emily Adair from GO! Magazine!

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