Coffee With Will and Julie Coreson – Julie Coreson Talks About the Island City Block Party

Julie Coreson Talks About Apple Eye Care’s 11th Annual Island City Block Party

Julie Coreson has fixed my glasses on multiple occasions. What generally happens is that I break them, again. I walk into Apple Eye Care, they direct me over to her small table, I recite some typical SOB story about how my glasses somehow fell apart, and she, chipper as a wine glass clink, jogs into the back and replaces the part I broke, completely free of charge. I’m completely indebted to her. So naturally that means I should invite her to talk to me on camera! In this Coffee With Will, Julie talks about Apple Eye Care’s 11th Annual Block Party that is happening next Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm. There’s a bunch of free stuff for kids, and a lot of fun stuff for everyone to boot. Thanks for coming in and chatting with me, Julie. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon for another repair session of my horribly abused eye-ware…

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