Coffee With Will, Hailey Durant and Lori Mack

In this Coffee With Will, I sit down with Hailey King Durrant and Lori Mack to talk about the Lori Mack fundraiser coming up this weekend, Sunday from 6 to 10 pm at Benchwarmers Bar & Grill. Lori has “terminal” cancer. But there is hope! A state-of-the-art treatment is available overseas. As such, she and Hailey, the branch manager at Community Bank, are hosting an event on Saturday to fund raise to get Lori out of town and to fund her treatment. It’s a silent auction, and they’re going to be auctioning (among other items) a puppy, a real live puppy!

Lori Mack, Community Bank, La Grande Service Projects, Cancer, state-of-the-art cancer treatment


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