“Coffee With Will”  and Bud Pierce, Candidate for Oregon Governor

Bud Pierce Talks Politics, Prosperity, and Leadership

It’s a shocking moment when you realize that the next person you’re going to be interviewing for your small-town talk show is a big-town politician. Bud Pierce came in last week to the studio, after giving a presentation to La Grande at Riverside park, and we talked politics. Bud runs on a platform of prosperity and unity through work, and we talked about everything from his views on economic development, balancing progress with environmental awareness, and social services. Not going to lie–I was a bit scared at first. But as always, once I got into the conversation, I lost myself in the exchange of words and communication and had a blast. Thank you Bud Pierce for Governor? for coming in to chat with this little-town conversationalist!

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Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A2heQA4JVA