Check out your weekly Newsish Roundup for Dec 21, 2017 – January 4, 2018

In the news today:

  • EOU Giving Trees
  • Local Businessman Gives Trees
  • The Polar Express
  • Not A Single Auto Injury

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EOU Giving Trees

Weekly Newsish RoundupEOU is giving trees back to the community! This Christmas Season, EOU put up a bunch of Christmas trees on their campus. Then, they put tags on them with present ideas. Then, people took those tags and returned presents. Then EOU took those presents to charitable organizations around La Grande and gave them to people who needed presents. Some of those organizations included the Salvation Ary, Department of Human Services, Wildflower Lodge, La Grande Post Acute Rehab, Blue Mountain Human Association, and Eastern Oregon Home Start. I talked to Heather Cashell this week and she said that its one of many ways they try to help their community throughout the year. So be sure, if you see someone in Inlow at EOU, give them a big pat on the back and say good job for Giving Trees back to the community.

Local Businessman Gives Out Trees

Weekly Newsish RoundupAnd speaking of Charity, local businessman Shawn Daggett is also giving away trees, his to needy family who couldn’t afford one. Last year Shawn put out a Facebook Ad saying, hey, anyone know anyone who can’t afford a tree? And he got names. And this year he stepped up his game and got names from DHS and the Oregon House authority and, sure enough, last week he showed up with decorated trees for the families. But he wasn’t alone. Several local businesses donated for the project including Ace Hardware, BiMart, Walmart and Grocery Shawn told them when he was asking them for donations that they wouldn’t get any recognition. “We don’t care”, they said. That’s not what Christmas is about. Good job guys.

Polar Express

Weekly Newsish Roundup - Polar ExpressThe Polar Express has come, and gone. And nobody rode. This week the Union County Public Transit put on the Polar Express program. Every day the local transit sent a vehicle to one community in the county to pick people up and bring them Christmas Shopping. It was great for people who just didn’t have the means or courage with the snow to get into town. But nobody showed up! Not a single person called as of the middle of the week to get a ride. And Angie, the public transit director, told me that it was just bad advertising. Nobody knew about the program! So next year–and there will be a next year, Angie said–if you need a ride, call ahead and ride the Polar Express into town!

Slick Roads, Nobody Dies

Weekly Newsish RoundupAnd in other travel news, despite the nasty weather, nobody has been injured on the road! Go figure. According to the Observer, there hasn’t been a single injury because of the roads in Union County. There was one accident this week in Summerville. A truck rolled over. But other than that, Union County residents are safe and sound despite that guy that tailgated me all the way out to Elgin last week. You know who you are. Justice will come to you.

And that’s our weekly Newsish Roundup for Dec 21, 2017 – January 4, 2018

Weekly Newsish Roundup