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Cheap. Local. Television.
LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
How much do you pay for television? 90 bucks a month? 100 bucks a month? 120? What if I told you that there was a television option available for as little as one hundred bucks a year? And, what’s better, that each channel in the package was hand-picked to best suit Eastern Oregonians? Well dunk me like a duck, toss me in an asylum and call me crazy, this TV package really exists! And it’s called the Blue Mountain Translator District.

The Blue Mountain Translator District is a TV Translator. Here’s the scoop: every channel that is broadcast in Portland and Boise can’t reach here without amplification and translation. We’re too remote. And that’s where the district comes in. The district takes well-known channels like Fox and OPB and translates them to us, all pretty much for free! The only cost is a hundred bucks per year to help them service their towers and keep the pistons running.

And what’s even better about the district is that the channel listings are all hand-picked to be the best selection they can get for us here in eastern Oregon.

But the trouble is that the translator district is in a little bit of a pickle. Recently T-Mobile purchased a broad spectrum of channels from the US government as part of a massive nation-wide network expansion. And some of those channels were being used by the district. And while it may seem like a simple process to move a channel from one number to the next, It’s actually complicated and expensive. Now, the district volunteers assured me that this moving won’t affect the average viewer except maybe having to watch their content on a slightly different channels. But bottom line, they need new subscribers to help them get through this time and you might be one of them.

If the district can get through this time, they hope to continue hand-picking channels to best suit Eastern Oregon and providing a low-cost alternative to Dish and Cable TV. The board has high hopes for the future and, with how expensive television is these days, they hope to continue to provide a local option for television.

LGA TV - Weekly Newsish Roundup
Let nature be thy medicine. This is a slightly-shifted adage of a great doctor of the Greeks. And it’s an adage I think applies to the new naturopathic movement in medicine, at least as I got the chance to learn more about it from a new naturopathic doctor recently moved back to the area. Kate Spangler is a La Grande native. She moved away to study medicine and now she’s back to La Grande to help people learn about how to be healthy, naturally.

Naturopathic medicine uses what’s called a holistic approach. That means seeing people as not just a body, but as a person that includes a body, mind, spirit, that exists in an environment. Health, she said, requires looking at all these elements in a person’s life. Instead of just treating a physical condition, holistic medicine tries to understand the person and their circumstances to be able to understand why, exactly, they’re having health problems in the first place.

Once the doctor understands their patient, they can then begin treatment. Kate has what’s called her “Foundations of Health”, things that every person needs to stay healthy. And oftentimes her treatment starts there.

Now, all that philosophical mumbo jumbo is great and all, but what do I do to feel and be healthier? Well, I asked Kate that in my interview, and one thing she said everyone can do, in addition to paying attention to her foundations of health, is as simple as changing the temperature in the shower.

Overall the conversation was a quick but informative soiree into the otherwise unknown world of Naturopathic medicine here in La Grande. Kate is starting a practice here in La Grande, and is doing house calls to begin helping people to get healthier. If you’re interested in her services you can find her business page on Facebook which is where the rest of this interview is also located, only available via

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