ACTIVE SHOOTERS AND WOMEN AT WAR – Weekly Newsish Roundup: June 1-7, 2017

ACTIVE SHOOTERS AND WOMEN AT WAR – Weekly Newsish Roundup: June 1-7, 2017

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In the news today:

  • Active Shooter
  • Women at War
  • Get Out and Go
  • Upcoming Events
  • Sports Spotlight
  • Around the Mountain

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LHS Active Shooter Drill
LGATV - Newsish Roundup  Active Shooter Drill
Just a heads up everyone: next Monday, June 5th, sometime between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm the La Grande Middle school will be doing what’s called an “active shooter drill”. An active shooter drill is a real-time recreation of the procedures and safety protocols THAT ARE IN PLACE if someone showed up with a gun and started TRYING TO shooting people. The drill is purposed for staff training, and so if you see something odd going on at that time don’t get involved! It’s just a drill, nothing to see here. If you have questions you can contact the Union County Sheriff’s office or the La grande Police Department. And further, don’t bring a gun to school. I dream of a day when we no longer have to have these drills because nobody’s shooting each other at school or anywhere else for that matter.

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Women at War
LGATV - Newsish Roundup  Women at WarWhat happens when women go to war? Is it the same as when men do? Are the same emotions and feelings evoked? Is the war a celebration of honor and masculinity or is there a less affirming vibe? Well, these and more are some of the questions that the La Grande Shakespeare Troupe’s all-female telling of Henry V coming up next couple weekends TRIES TO EXPLORE. And I got a chance this week to chat with them about what these questions may look like on the stage.

Henry V starts showing tomorrow, Friday, June 2 at the new Looking Glass Books location on Adams Avenue. It’s just down the street from the old building right new to Raul’s Taqueria. THE SHOW WILL RUN THREE WEEKENDS, AND Tickets cost ______ and can be purchased at Looking Glass.

Get Out and Go!
And here’s your upcoming events with Emily Adair from GO! Magazine.

Also, just a heads up, we will be streaming the La Grande High School graduation this saturday at 2pm on the La Grande Alive website and Facebook page.

Community Calendar
Want to know about more upcoming events? Check out the La Grande Alive Community Calendar. Just head to our website, click on the link in the upper right corner, and enjoy dozens of upcoming events right at your fingertips!

Sports Spotlight
And here’s your local sports with Ronald Bond from the Observer Newspaper!

Around the Mount
And here’s your EOU sports with Evan and Chris in Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds!

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Weekly Newsish Roundup, September 22, 2016

Weekly Newsish Roundup, September 22, 2016 – 8 News Stories in 6 Minutes and 56 Seconds!

In the news this week,

  • Bid For Life
  • Vote For (Insert Candidate)
  • Upcoming Events
  • Local Sports

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You know, you may not like a lot of elements of small-town life, but there are a few positives. Like when you jaywalk, instead of calling the police people will actually wave at you. Like not playing the gunshot or firework game every night at the home.  Or like if you get cancer or have a brain aneurysm, your friends and loved ones just may step in and host an event to raise money to help you out and cover the medical costs of your recovery. And that’s exactly what’s happening this weekend at not one but two silent auction events going on both Saturday and Sunday. Both both are being held as fund raisers for people who are having a hard, hard time with health, and we scored interviews with people helping coordinate both of the events.

This Weekend Two Fund Raising Events

LGA TV - NewsishEssentially, there are two events going on this weekend fund raising to help local people in their health crisis. At both events, there will be food, beer, and a silent auction. A Lori Mack’s event, they’re auctioning off a puppy. A real live greyhound puppy, plus hundreds of other items. Lori Mack’s event is Saturday at Benchwarmers bar and grill from 6 to ten pm, and the Tyson Johnson and Cory Bevell event is from 2 to 8PM on Sunday at riverside park. Both events are family-friendly. So if you want a puppy or a hot dog, you should go down and support these events this weekend. They’re for a good cause and the people who organized them put a lot of hard work into them. Plus I will personally interview the person who buys the puppy at Lori’s event on LaGrandeAlive–we love puppies.

LGA TV - NewsishThe season of really bad suits, haircuts and lesser-of-two-evils dichotomies is upon us–politics is in full swing, both local and national. And at LaGrandeAlive, we’ve scored a couple recent interviews with some political candidates including Bud Pierce, the GOP gubernatorial candidate for the state of Oregon, and Steve Clemens, one of the candidates for the La Grande mayoral race.

Both of these Coffee With Wills can be viewed in-full on’s Facebook page or our website. We’re hoping to have John Bozarth on the show as well, as soon as he gets back to us. Elections are coming up and so I ask you, La Grande, who are you voting for and why? Your comments in the section below.

newsish-roundup-9-22-2016-upcoming-eventsAlright La Grande, what’s happening this week? Well, the fat lady is singing yet again: little mermaid is returning to the Elgin Opera House for yet another weekend. Showings Friday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 2:30 and 7:30 pm. Also Friday, there’s another ragtime piano concert at the Carnegie Art Center in Baker City Oregon. And across two whole valleys, Alpine Fest is happening at Wallowa Lake this weekend. What is Alpine Fest? Well, it’s a celebration of Swiss-Bavarian culture every year at Wallowa Lake. My girlfriend and I went last year and, well, we weren’t that impressed. We ended up just going out to dinner at some local restaurant. But then again, that’s probably we were late and, well, missed pretty much all of alpine fest including the parade, the hand-crafted bratwursts, Terminal Gravity micro-brews and live music. We also missed the Swiss yodeling, folk dancing, alphorn singing, accordionists and all the food, jewelry, goat-soap and quilt vendors. That probably would have made us have a better experience. So, what’s the moral of this story? Don’t be like Will and be late for Alpine Fest. It’s September 22-25, this weekend, and if you don’t show up fashionably late you should have a good time.

Local Sports

LGA TV - NewsishIn sports, the valley had its first wins of the season. Imbler beat Riverside 34-23 this weekend. Union beat pilot rock 34-6, and Elgin beat Pine Eagle 21-7. Cove and La Grande, however, couldn’t match the other members both losing their respective games against the Sunnyside Christian Leopards and the Sunnyside Washington Grizzlies. Sunnyside had its way with the valley, Cove losing 58-14 and the La Grande Game wasn’t much better. La Grande lost 61-20, falling behind early in the game and, we’ll, never recovering. Our sports director, Steve Hendrix, snagged a quick interview with the coach for the Tigers about their upcoming game and strategy this weekend.

That full interview is available on LaGrandeAlive’s website and facebook. La Grande’s next game is this weekend in La Grande against Ontario, 7pm on Friday. Imbler plays Portland at Heppner at Heppner same time same place. Elgin will play Riddle also same time same date at home. Union plays Weston McEwen at Weston McEwen and Cove will play Powder Valley at home, all 7:00 pm this Friday in hopes for continued wins for the valley.

The EOU football team didn’t have a great weekend either. They lost 20-7 to their out-of-state rival University of Idaho, falling behind after a early-game touchdown. The rest of the game, according to the EOU sports website, was a rainy downhill slope as the Vandals scored three more touchdowns after the first quarter to polish off the ailing EOU team.  EOU now 2-1 overall and frontier conference. Next game, they’re gonna play Montana Tech at home Saturday at 1PM.

The EOU volleyball team, on the other hand, is smashing it, quite literally. On Sunday they trashed Evergreen state three to none 25-16, 25-15, 25-13 notching up the margin incrementally as the night went on and on. They are still 6th in the NAIA coaches top 25 poll, and will play Warner Pacific and Multnomah university this weekend Friday at 7PM and Saturday at 5PM respectively.

And that’s your weekly roundup. This roundup was brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital, Valley Realty, Northwest Furniture and Mattress, Marketplace Family Foods, and Direct Music Source. Tune in for more local content. I’m Will Bowman.

News Roundup July 14-20, 2016

News Roundup July 14-20, 2016 — 10 News Stories in 6 Minutes 57 Seconds

In the news today:
Crazy Days
Kill The Deer? No.
Old Fire Museum, New Brewpub
Upcoming Events
Local Sports

Hey La Grande Alive! This is Will Bowman and I’m feelin’ in an Irish mood today! This roundup
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LGA TV Crazy DaysCrazy Days is upon us! If you don’t know what Crazy Days is, well, you’re a terrible person Just kidding. In all seriousness, it’s a day­long celebration full of slick cars, Soapbox derbies, vendors peddling, face­painting, sprinkler spraying, plack­giving and other small­town rambunctiousness that’s put on by La Grande Main Street every year. And it’s coming up on Saturday. Last year LaGrande Alive filmed the event and this year we’re streaming much of it on Facebook and our homepage.

The festivities will begin with breakfast at the Cove fire station: pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit, milk, the works. 5 bucks for that.
Concurrent with that, at 7:00 am there is a “fun run”, which I, Will Bowman, will be running in. The race is put on by the LHS track and field and cross country teams and earlier this week, I had Sean Crow, assistant coach for the teams, come in and chat with me.

Coffee With Will and Sean Crow Video

LGA TV Crazy DaysI’ve found a kindred spirit in Sean Crow–he likes exercise, writing, and, like me, once he gets started with coffee he just can’t stop. We chatted for almost an hour yesterday about running, writing, the LHS cross country, track and field teams, and the Crazy Days fun run coming up on Saturday. There will be a 5k and a 10k. Registration starts at 7 am, 10k at 8, and 5k at 9:30. I’m going to run it and you should too, if you’re a runner, that is. And also, Sean, I had a fantastic time. Keep writing and investing in those high school kids!

Registration starts at 7:00 am. There will be a 5k and a 10k. The race will start at the shortstop on Geckler and 12th. And what the rest of Crazy Days looks like is this: an antique car show on Adams avenue from 9 am to 3pm. A soapbox box­car derby race on 2nd and Spring at 3:15 pm that we will stream. Then, finally, the cars will drive off into the sunset during the Cruise for Cash at 7:00 pm that evening, which we will also stream. So whether you’re gonna come run with me in the Fun Run, run through the fire ­department sprinklers on Adams, shop, or just drool over the cars, get out of the house this Saturday and so something. Seriously. This is small­ town Oregon. Get out and enjoy it. And for those of you who have attended in years past, please let us know about your favorite Crazy Days story or event in the comments below.

They are not going to kill the deer! Yay!

Kill the deer? No. LGA TVOr, well, they’re not going to kill the deer, I mean. This is a newscast so I should probably be a little bit more objective. A Union council voted this last week, after much deliberation, not to hire a Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hunter to come in and exterminate a portion of the local deer population. Okay, if you’re not up to date on this story here it is: Union, for the last several months, has been embroiled in deliberation about what to do about the local deer problem. So what’s the problem? Well, some Union residents think that the many, many deer in the town are a nuisance: they’re a danger to drivers, they have harmed pets and eaten up gardens. And the proposed means of dealing with these extra deer was to, well, kill some of them. Or hire someone to do it, rather. But this week, the council responsible for the issue finally voted: 3­2 against, the final verdict. There were many reasons cited for the negative vote, including that the lethal means was too severe and that many Union residents think the deer are actually very cute. But whatever the case, the deer live to graze another day, and the Union residents are left to continue to ponder the question: what to do about the deer? A committee has been formed and will be required to give a proposal two months down the road. But what do you think LaGrandeAlive? What’s another way of dealing with the deer, other than killing them, that is? What kind of plan could Union implement to minimize the deer problems? Respond in the comments below.

Old Fire Museum, New Brewpub

So, how many of you have ever been into the Eastern Oregon Fire Museum? Me either. But I’ve wanted to! For a really long time. The fire museum is actually on Jefferson and Elm street in downtown La Grande, and it was a small­ town museum that housed old ­time fire equipment to be viewed by ­appointment by anyone interested. But not any more. Apparently three entrepreneurs are opening a brewpub in the same space now occupied by the museum. But businesses, at least in this case, are like friends: silver and gold, make new ones but keep the old. Why compromise when you can have your beer and drink it in the museum too? The new brewpub will include the museum, and you can drink your beer while walking around and looking at the fire poles, plaques, and other elements of local firefighting history. They are even naming the brewery “Side­ A Brewing” after the front side of the building that firefighters used to refer to as the side ­a. This is very cool. So for those of you who, like me, have always wanted to look inside the museum, rejoice: not only will you be able to do so within the year, but you’ll be able to do it with a nice stout, cider, or plate of food in your hand while you do it. That’s what I like to see, local business. That’s what I like to see.

Upcoming Events

So, what’s going on this week in the valley? Well, as I’ve already talked about, Crazy Days is this Friday and Saturday. Also this Saturday, La Grande United Methodist church is selling a bunch of refurbished stuff from 9am to 4pm. They’re also selling beverages and cinnamon rolls, which I hope are not also refurbished. Also, next Monday, (I had to throw this in here) La Grande Ukulele players of all skill levels are invited to meet at La Fiesta Restaurant from 7 to 8:30 pm. Next Tuesday there will be a Wine and Paint night fundraiser at the Local Harvest Eatery and Pub for Jenny’s Heart with Art. And next Wednesday at 7pm­­for all you rockers out there ­­Pigs on the Wing­­a Pink Floyd tribute band­­ will play at Eastern Oregon University. Tickets are 15 bucks and available only online at

Local Sports

In sports, Isaac Updike, an ex­ EOU track and field racer, missed heading to Rio De Janeiro by just one race, finishing 12th last Friday in his final run to qualify for the Olympics. He ran the 3000m steeplechase in 8:42.92, which is still a whole heck of a lot better than any of us can do. Good job Isaac. Don’t beat yourself up too much. You’ve raised the bar for La Grande and we’re super proud of you, even though you didn’t quite make it. Also, EOU men’s soccer is gearing up for the season. The coach just released several more picks for this year’s team. To see those picks and for more information, visit the EOU sports site at

Local Sports

In local sports, the 14u USA Explosion did pretty well at the Oregon ASA state tournament in Beaverton last weekend. Game one they lost again against the NW Bullets . The final score was 8­7. After that, they won three: 9­1 against the Oregon TItans, 14­5 against the Rip City Riptide, and 9­0 against the Capital City Crush. They finally lost one more time 5­4 to the Oregon City Nightmare. finishing the tournament 3 and 2 in the fourth bracket.

In American Legion Baseball, the 16­U La Grande Legacy Ford Legends won two this weekend, beating Walla Wall 12­2 and Pendleton 6­0. And lastly, twelve golfers and 11 track and field athletes from Union County placed at the 2015 Special Olympics this weekend.

For more information on these stories and plenty of others, please check out the Observer paper. Seriously, they have much more information and cover these stories much better than we do.

This news roundup is brought to you by Grande Ronde Hospital and