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EOA Local News

EOA Local News  April 2023

We have a wide variety of local news from La Grande and Island city. Our AM Live morning show features local stories. Today’s show with guest Holly Walker was about La Grande Remax. La Grande Remax, a local area realtor. Holly specializes in first time home buyers,

Video: Keys to Real Estate 3-21-2023 Holly Walker

Brent and Doddsy goof and gab about local real estate with Holly Walker of La Grande Re/Max

Surrounding areas also include Island City, Union, Imbler, Elgin, Joseph, Cove, Enterprise, North Powder, Pendleton

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EOA News today:

  • Summer Camp At The Maridell Center
  • Colleen McLeod for County Commissioner

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Hey La Grande Alive! In the news today, a summer camp special at the Maridell Center…
…plus a look at our last county commissioner candidate…
…only on your weekly Newsish Roundup, brought to you by…

The Maridell Center is hosting a summer-long camp so kids can have a safe place to go and learn while having fun! Lisa Mackley the daughter of Jerry Mackley, the owner of the Maridell Center. She just recently came back to La Grande from a trip to Australia. And she’s been looking for a way to plug in for the summer and help with the mission of the maridell center: to keep kids safe and having fun!

Lisa believes that kids learn best through fun. And in keeping with that belief, she’s designed a summer-long series of themed weeks for kids to come and learn about different important things through unique methods.

Kids will learn about science by building volcanos out of clay, learn about zoology by playing laser tag, learn about the wild-wild west through playing put-put golf. And that’s just the beginning. The camp runs from the first week of July all the way until August 24. And many of the volunteers are members of the Maridell Youth Club, a club dedicated to kids’ virtue and integrity.

For more information on pricing or to sign up for the camp visit the Maridell Center webpage. The link is in the description of this video.

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Colleen McLeod is running for County Commissioner and she’s banking on the fact that she’s done it before.

Colleen McLeod has served multiple terms as Union County Commissioner. She ultimately stepped down for personal reasons. But she’s back, and she hasn’t changed, she said, and her experience makes her the best candidate for the job.

Colleen is a local business owner, and she sees many parallels between business and being a County Commissioner.

Ballots are due by May 15, so get out your number 2 pencil, La Grande Alive! The rest of this interview as well as the other interviews we’ve done with the candidates can be found on our website or Facebook page. And be sure to tune into the La Grande Alive and Observer Election Night Special on May 15th. We’ll have live result updates plus one of a kind after-campaign interviews with all the candidates and analysis of the results.

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