ACTIVE SHOOTERS AND WOMEN AT WAR – Weekly Newsish Roundup: June 1-7, 2017

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LHS Active Shooter Drill
LGATV - Newsish Roundup  Active Shooter Drill
Just a heads up everyone: next Monday, June 5th, sometime between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm the La Grande Middle school will be doing what’s called an “active shooter drill”. An active shooter drill is a real-time recreation of the procedures and safety protocols THAT ARE IN PLACE if someone showed up with a gun and started TRYING TO shooting people. The drill is purposed for staff training, and so if you see something odd going on at that time don’t get involved! It’s just a drill, nothing to see here. If you have questions you can contact the Union County Sheriff’s office or the La grande Police Department. And further, don’t bring a gun to school. I dream of a day when we no longer have to have these drills because nobody’s shooting each other at school or anywhere else for that matter.

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Women at War
LGATV - Newsish Roundup  Women at WarWhat happens when women go to war? Is it the same as when men do? Are the same emotions and feelings evoked? Is the war a celebration of honor and masculinity or is there a less affirming vibe? Well, these and more are some of the questions that the La Grande Shakespeare Troupe’s all-female telling of Henry V coming up next couple weekends TRIES TO EXPLORE. And I got a chance this week to chat with them about what these questions may look like on the stage.

Henry V starts showing tomorrow, Friday, June 2 at the new Looking Glass Books location on Adams Avenue. It’s just down the street from the old building right new to Raul’s Taqueria. THE SHOW WILL RUN THREE WEEKENDS, AND Tickets cost ______ and can be purchased at Looking Glass.

Get Out and Go!
And here’s your upcoming events with Emily Adair from GO! Magazine.

Also, just a heads up, we will be streaming the La Grande High School graduation this saturday at 2pm on the La Grande Alive website and Facebook page.

Community Calendar
Want to know about more upcoming events? Check out the La Grande Alive Community Calendar. Just head to our website, click on the link in the upper right corner, and enjoy dozens of upcoming events right at your fingertips!

Sports Spotlight
And here’s your local sports with Ronald Bond from the Observer Newspaper!

Around the Mount
And here’s your EOU sports with Evan and Chris in Around the Mountain in 90 Seconds!

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